Resident Evil Still Wii Bound


Nintendo fans were put into a state of disbelief earlier this week when Capcom’s Jun Takeuchi announced to online gaming publication Pro G at the games developers conference that he was currently unsure if a new addition to the Resident Evil series was still on track for a Wii appearance.

Nintendo fans can breath again as it seems those intrepid reporters at the Wiire weren’t content with Takeuchi-san rather vague comment, so therefore they decided to take matters into their own hands by contacting Capcom Europe to help clarify the matter.

Once they got through to Capcom’s offices they spoke to none other than Ben Le Rougetel, head of communications for Capcom Europe who stated that there was a misunderstanding in the interview, as Takeuchi-san thought the interviewee was referring to how likely it would be that we would see a version of Resident Evil 5 on the Wii, rather than a new IP in the series.

Le Rougtel went on to state that “Takeuchi-san’s answer does not contradict the announcement made at this year’s E3 which confirmed that a RE title for Wii was in development.” So there you have it ladies and gentlemen, it seems that we are still very much on track for a new episode in the Resident Evil series for the Nintendo Wii, three cheers?



  1. It certainly is, it would have been a travesty if it had have been cancelled.

    Considering just how good Resident Evil 4 was I’m extremely looking forward to seeing just what Capcom can bring to the table this time round.

  2. So does this mean that Resident Evil 5 might be coming to the Wii then after all the internet fanboys went running round screaming references to the RE Lightgun games and sobbing after E3? I hope RE5 comes as well as the new RE IP. That would be nice. Do a little dance on the 360. Which is now broke.

  3. Sadly it’s still extremely unlikely that we will see Resident Evil 5 on the Wii.

    The game is being created with the sheer processing power of the PlayStation 3 and the Xbox 360 in mind, therefore it would be near on impossible to do a straight port of the title onto the Wii.

    Of course Capcom could created a watered down version of the title using the Resident Evil 4 game engine sparkling up the textures etc, but it’s generally presumed they will infact just create a new IP in the Resident Evil franchise instead.

    But as ever, who knows….

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