Nintendo Wii Set To Retail For £150 In UK According To Guardian


Today is the day that we Europeans have been awaiting for what seems like forever, finally Nintendo is set to reveal just how much, and more importantly when the Wii will arrive on our humble shores.

Though no news has leaked thus far of any official pricing or release date via Nintendo, Greg Howson who contributes to the Guardians video gaming blog seems very adamant that we will be seeing the Wii November 24th for the widely anticipated sum of £150 stating “I’d recommend saving around 150 quid and provisionally booking Nov 24th off work.”

Of course this information could just be a well educated guess, but with the American pricing and release date revealed just before the official Nintendo press conference via the New York Times yesterday, could The Guardian have also been given a similar heads up on what to expect from Nintendo’s announcement that’s due to take place this morning? Well we shall thankfully know soon enough.


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  1. Thank uh… goodness! It’s very good to know that the Wii wil be here before Christmas. My guess was 7 days off, it seems.

    Also £150 = Approx. €225 :D

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