Nintendo Wii Takes Design To New Levels


Stylish, sophisticated and sexy are just some of the illustrious words that instantaneously came to mind from seeing the intriguing final designs of Wii box-art.

I’m unsure precisely just what it is that has compelled the Nintendo of late to create such radically fashionable and sleek aesthetics for the company’s recent products, but what they have set out to achieve certainly appears to be working.

This hip new Nintendo is the Nintendo that I believe can raise the bar in regards to not only how we experience the medium of video games, but also to whom the video games of the future are set to appeal to.



  1. I sit in my den and play original NES from time to time, and I remember how dominant Nintendo was when they first hit the scene. Then with the Super and later models, they seemed to lose their edge. I would love to see them storm back, even create a new Super Tecmo Bowl for the masses that yearn to game again. I’ll stay tuned to this site for updates. Check out my blog at, , for some satire on pretty much anything and everything.


  2. Wow, how many other readers still occasionally dust off their NES for some quality retro Nintendo action?

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  3. It’s the whole minimalistic and stylish approach that Nintendo have taken to design in general that will carve it another new niche within the marketplace, no longer will Nintendo be looked upon as unfashionable or irrelevant, but as a fresh, revitalized company with the edge to revolutionize what’s often seen as a stale industry.

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