Pro Evolution Soccer Running On Nintendo Wii


Pro Evolution Soccer fans could quite possibly be in a state of euphoria this evening as Konami have revealed to online gaming publication CVG that its smash hit football franchise is currently up and running on Wii hardware.

The development team are currently working out how best to utilize the Wii’s unique controller into the game, and are also experimenting combining both the Wii’mote’ and the nunchuck for typical football actions such as passing, shooting, and of course throw ins.

This is without doubt fantastic news for football fans the world over as the immensely popular soccer title has always been a firm favourite with both the media and the public alike. Though recent rumblings suggest that a Fifa title is currently in the works, those who have any love for the beautiful game know which one is by far the superior title.



  1. Wow Wii !.

    Do you think it will be the same game as the one on the playstion…. What do you think the chances are of the oter wii style pads having the same function as the ps2 pad.

  2. I personally wouldn’t think it’s too far removed from the PS2 and Xbox 360 versions. As far as the controls are concerned, I would imagine the game would differ slightly from previous versions due to the Wii’s unique control scheme.

  3. How do you know Pro Evolution Soccer is running on the Nintendo Wii?

    Where did you get this information?

  4. The source that I got this information from is always noted at the bottom of the post. In this case it was the ever-reliable CVG.

  5. Well, i’m here letting my semi-recent copy of WE9 sit in the PS2 – unplayable because i don’t have a working controller – and this idea flew over my head.

    I really, really hope they put some thought into it. Just imagine how crazy Pro Evo would be on Wii. Crazy complicated controls on a 2-piece controller. This’ll breed a whole new level of Wii accidents. But i look forward to it.

  6. it would be good if you could strap the remote to your leg and when you kick, it will kick in the game.

  7. Pro Evo for the Wii? This is bedtime material. Dont agree with the whole strapping the remote to the leg business but this could potentially be the biggest football sim ever. Make it happen Konami!!

  8. pro evo on the wii is now not on the wii because they had an interview and he didnt say it was coming on the wii omgggggggg i was looking forward to it is well wat do u think?

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