Nintendo DS: Opera Web Browser Released In Europe Today


Those of you eager to test out the unique and intuitive sensation of browsing the web with your Nintendo Ds now have the chance to do so as the web browser debuts in retail stores throughout Europe today.

Created by revered Internet browser specialists Opera, the Nintendo Ds web browser comes in two unique versions. One of these versions is for the sexy and sleek Ds Lite, the other is for the larger and less attractive Ds original. Both versions are set to retail for around £30.

Although Opera are renowned for their stringent usability tests, the handheld browser has come under scrutinous fire in the past from gaming publication IGN whose initial assessment of the Japanese version of the device was “It’s so crippled and slow that it’s very close to unusable”.

Obviously with an increasing number of web users enjoying the benefits of surfing the web with high speed broadband, surfing the net at roughly the same speed as using a 56k modem just isn’t going to cut it anymore for tech savvy consumers, who aren’t looking to wait five minutes for a image to load.

Although sadly I haven’t had the opportunity to test out the browser myself I genuinely believe the positives far outweigh the aforementioned negatives, certainly for those of you who are looking to surf the web on the move. For the respectable sum of £30 can you really complain that much?



  1. I imported the DS browser from Japan, and that IGN article if extremely unfair on the device. It’s no way near as slow as 56k. It is a mobile browser, and should be considered as such. If you compare it to a full spce PC you’re bound to be disapointed. If you stick to sites designed with mobile devices and PDAs in mind, it’s really rather good. Most normal sites load up pretty quickly when viewed in SSR mode and with no pictures. Yes this will hamper your internet experience, but if you only want to use the browser as a means to log on to qickly check emails etc. (which is what I use it for) it’s excellent. I personally think it’s well worth the £30. So many people have got this misconception of slowness, and I know of several people who, when they’ve actually tried the browser, have been surprised at how fast (or faster than they imagined) it really is.

  2. Thanks for informing us of your own hands on experience with the browser. To be fair the only actual written review that I’ve read on the Ds browser has been on Ign, which I subsequently based my article on. Your insight will no doubt benefit others (including myself) who were in two minds about purchasing the browser after its rather negative review in IGN. Thanks again for your insightful input.

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