Nintendo Wii Retail Details And Images


Influential technology blog Engadget has managed to get its hands on some exclusive photos revealing in-store Wii displays and also packaging for a wide range of Wii related accessories.

The gadget blog also received a Comp USA hardware/software markup sheet which states both the retail and the cost price for the highly anticipated console along with its accessories.

The images provided show that carrying cases, controller gloves and dog tags are all set to become a familiar sight come the Wii launch, with retailers dependant on profiting via software and accessories.

  • Wii Console- Retail: $249.99/ Cost: $237.50
  • Wii Remote – Retail $39.99 / Cost: $32.00
  • Wii Points – Retail: $24.99 / Cost: $17.00
  • Wii Classic Controller – Retail: $19.99 / Cost: $14.50
  • Wii Nunchuck Controller – Retail: $19.99 / Cost: $14.50
  • Wii Gpak Organizer – Retail: $29.99 /Cost: $18.95
  • Wii Rayman Raving Rabids – Retail: $49.99 / Cost: $41.2
  • Wii Zelda: Twilight Princess – Retail: $49.99 / Cost: $40.00
  • Wii Red Steel – Retail: $49.99 / Cost: $41.22



  1. I wish they’ll include the classic controller with the console, even though it’s not very expensive.
    The controller gloves look cool, but… dog tags?

  2. I wish they’ll include a classic controller with the console, even though it’s not very expensive.

    The controller gloves look really cool, but… dog tags?

  3. I also thought it would have been a great idea for them to include the classic controller with the Wii, mainly due to the emphasis that will be put upon the Virtual Console once the system launches. But it appears that there’s a fair amount of profit to be received from gaming peripherals in comparison to the actual hardware, so from a business point of view it makes perfect sense why they’ve decided not to include the classic controller with the console.

    Hey Blacker-Omegalon those images are indeed official, so yeah, it looks like Nintendo, or the third party involved has failed yet again to create stylish looking accessories for a console which demands, and deserves such things. I think the Dog Tag fits onto the end of the Wii’mote’ and just helps personalize it, so for instance you don’t get confused over which controller is yours when your buddies all bring their Wii’motes’ over for or a late night multiplayer session

  4. Not sure about top 5, but I was in the top 10 for about a week and a bit. Was pretty darn cool, hence the reason why I took the screenshot to remind me :) It was a pretty insane situation due to the amount of blogs out there that are hosted by WordPress, so yeah I guess being 80th (edit: 57th) at the minute is pretty impressive :)Thanks everyone!

  5. Heyman, you are now listed on Hot blogs of the day. And you reached back up to number 50.
    woohooo, can I buy shares? :)

  6. Hey Becs cheers for the heads up! I’ve got to say that’s definitely great news, and should hopefully help publicize the blog to a wider audience. Also a well done to Dpcough for also hanging in there with his Dpcough blog

  7. The classic controller is only $20 and the wii is $100 cheaper than its cheapest rival. Suck it up. What really smells bad is the $60 next-gen controller cost. If you buy a full loadout of wii controllers, that’s $180 big ones, bringing the cost of the wii to $430. This is about the same as a 360. On the brighter side, two wii controllers and the console is only $310, still much cheaper than the nearest rival, for as much fun or more! Wii is a good investment, especially compared to the playstation 3. Unless, that is, you fully appreciate the PS3’s awesomely economical blueray dvd capability.

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