Nintendo Wii: Additional Virtual Console Titles!


Those of you that continue to remain unimpressed over the initial batch of Wii Virtual Console titles may wish to look twice, as Nintendo has added a few more alluring titles to the mix.

Amongst the short list of additional titles that were revealed courtesy of Matt Casamassina from the influential gaming publication Ign are renowned classics such as the sublime Pilotwings, and the legendary NES shoot ’em up Duck Hunt.

These exemplary titles have yet to be officially announced by Nintendo themselves, but they’ve subsequently been rated and approved by the authoritative Entertainment Software Ratings Board (ESRB), making them as good as confirmed.

So without further ado, or delay, I present to you the additional eight titles that are set to provide you with an invigorating, and refreshing retro fuelled play experience over the impending Christmas period:

  • Duck Hunt (E for Everyone)
  • Hogan’s Alley (E for Everyone)
  • Kid Icarus (E for Everyone)
  • Kirby’s Adventure (E for Everyone)
  • Pilot Wings (E for Everyone)
  • Pro Wrestling (E for Everyone)
  • Punch-Out (E for Everyone)
  • Wild Gunman (E for Everyone)



  1. What I find interesting is that 3 of these games (Duck Hunt, Wild Gunman, and Hogan’s Alley) are light gun games. I’d assume the light gun would be replaced with the pointing ability of the Wii-mote? Kid Icarus also makes sense since Pit is in the upcoming Smash Brothers game.

  2. There certainly seems to be quite a lot of nostalgic appreciation for the majority of titles Nintendo have decided to add to its Virtual Console catalogue. Though I’m surprised none of you that have commented above have mentioned the wonderful addition of PilotWings. Oh and Zach, very well spotted ;)

  3. Sup sickr,

    I am all about PilotWings and Punch-out, although I’m sure we can satisfy our boxing need with the Wii sports title.

    sickr is da man! =-)


  4. Yay! Pilot Wings! I’ve never had the pleasure fo playing that game myself and will probably get it some time between launch (Wii) and Xmas (TP).

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