Nintendo Wii Wins I4U Gadget Of The Year Accolade


In a year packed full of technological innovations the Nintendo Wii continued to stand head and shoulders above the competition.

The hip gadget and gaming blog I4U has recognized, and embraced, the influential potential of the intuitive Nintendo Wii, and therefore has decided to awarded it with the impressive accolade of ‘gadget of the year’.

Although this news may come as no surprise to the majority of you, the tech blog states that the reasoning behind its deciding choice started with the amount of interest Wii related topics attracted from its ever expanding readership.

Another deciding factor behind I4U’s final choice was the immediate reaction from consumers who’ve had the chance to get hands on with the console, which you’ll be aware has been extremely positive – something Nintendo undoubtedly wished to achieve with its all important foray into the next generation of video gaming.



  1. Hey Sickr, i’m tring to post a comment with some websites link on it on some usefull info on Wii Media centre and converters… for some reason the comment doesn’t post… anyways..hey Sickr, thanks for the reply, as for info on DS-Wii, at IGN, they have a few videos on the New Pokemon Battle Revolution, and on some videos, they show online play including DS’s as well. it looks pretty darn good, so yeah maybe you would like to check it out. so and Pokemon Battle Revolution videos. See ya!

  2. I’ve no idea why the commenting system is playing up, but I do apologise if it’s given you unnecessary grieve. Thanks again for your sources Andrezao with regards to Ds – Wii connectivity, they may remain invaluable in relation to any research that I do on the subject (it’s an exciting topic) :) Have a great new year everyone!

  3. u asians should make more and then u will get a bigger profit and i will get my wii jeez if i dont get it soon i am going to freeze myself

  4. I don’t think they’d take too happily to you referring to them as Asians in a seemingly derogatory way. Though I’d imagine Wii production is going at an excessive rate at this precise moment in time. I hope you manage to get your hands on one, they’re fantastic :)

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