Nintendo Wii: Microsoft See Nintendo As Biggest Competition


Microsoft chairman Bill Gates singled out Nintendo as the company’s biggest gaming competitor in his annual speech at the Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas.

Undeniably concerned with Nintendo’s audacious leap back into the limelight, the influential chairman spoke to Japanese TV and subsequently made it startlingly clear that he sees Nintendo’s rise in rank as a bigger threat than its supposed competitor; Sony.

In the exclusive interview filmed at CES 2007, Bill Gates conclusively stated; “The strength of Nintendo… in the portable space, has been very impressive”. “It’s surprised a lot of people, I think, that and the Wii. We see Nintendo as our toughest competition.”



  1. Micrsoft is tasting grapes. Because they said Nintendo was the one company they did NOT see as a threat. It’s amazing what 1 million sold units within a month can do huh. *giggles*

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