Nintendo Wii: Mii Idea Has Been Floating Around Nintendo For Twenty Years


Whilst the gaming press is besotted with the recently announced PlayStation Home, Nintendo have revealed that it’s been working on its charismatic Mii concept for nigh on twenty years.

Speaking to his peers at this years Games Developers Conference, revered Nintendo producer and developer Shigeru Miyamoto counteracted the recently announced PlayStation Home feature with some intriguing insider views:

“We’ve been working on this idea of twenty years and never been able to turn it into much of anything. The view was it would be very popular with creative artists. But the view was it was too complicated and would make most players frustrated.”

– Shigeru Miyamoto




  1. well at least its out there now… oh by the way, have u guys heard of the new Channel coming up? there’s a new channel and also a new event they’re making which is like a Mii contest. like a popularity contest that uses the Miis…

  2. I certainly have. It was announced by Mr Miyamoto during his keynote speech at GDC. Sadly a release date for the channel has yet to surface (a fake one was circulating the web earlier)

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