Nintendo Ds: Zelda: Phantom Hourglass To Include ‘One On One’ Voice Chat


Those investigative folk over at Zelda Universe have unearthed some intriguing information regarding the forthcoming Zelda: Phantom Hourglass.

Trawling through the pages of established Japanese gaming publication Famitsu, the writer at Zelda Universe noticed that a new piece of informative information was noted in its hallowed pages – the exciting opportunity for talkative gamers to speak to each other ‘one on one’ using the Ds’es inbuilt WiFi service.

“The Nintendo DS reaches its full potential in the latest work of the Legend of Zelda series! The game’s greatest trait – the stylus control system! In this series’s latest game, you use the stylus to draw the moment of the boomerang and other weapons, as well as the ship’s route. Also, the game employs the Nintendo Wi-Fi connection to allow people to compete and even voice chat with each other.”



  1. I’ve got a whole host of titles to play through right now, but I’ve got a feeling I could quite easily squeeze in some Zelda related action ;)

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