Nintendo Wii: Microsoft Claim Original Xbox More Powerful Than Wii


Robbie Bach, the president of Microsoft’s entertainment division rather controversially stated in a recent interview that the Wii is technically inferior to the original Xbox.

Speaking about the Wii to entrepreneurial tech website, Bach maliciously stated; “They don’t have the graphics horsepower that even Xbox 1 had.”



  1. According to the hardware specs, the Wii should be more powerful than the Xbox 1, but I have to say one thing. The way developers are making games for the Wii is inexcusable. They are much too lax on the graphical side of things. We all know that the Wii is capable of much more and we need to let the developers know this. :)

  2. they know but they can’t be bothered. or maybe they don’t have money cause they’re making games in Blu ray or hd dvd and that costs millions…

  3. You can always tell when Nintendo are kicking arse and doing well because some bastard at Microsoft trach talks Nintendo. I can’t care less about how the Wii is technically inferior to the 1st Xbox. That console was crap anyway. Halo was the only decent game on it and I didn’t even like that.

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