Nintendo Wii: Wii Proves To Be A Blessing For Stroke Victims


The Tom C. Maynor Rehabilitation Center, home to numerous stroke victims, have recently installed a batch of Nintendo Wii units.

These units haven’t just been purchased to keep the patients spirits up, but have been put to far greater use. Thanks primarily to the Wii’s much-lauded mixture of hand-eye coordination, this invaluable aspect of the Wii is being utilized to help hundreds of recovering stroke victims at the rehabilitation centre.



  1. if u think about it u realise that games can do a lot if used in a proper way, my ex soccer coach used to tell us to play video games to train our reflexes while we are relaxing, and since on the wii u can train ur reflexes and peform such, it can help rehabilitation indeed… hey Sickr, got Mario Strikers yet?? i have to wait til next week :( ! but the Match it still happening yeah? :D

  2. i was sarcastic about the place comes up with true info… b4 ppl think i’m retarded…. :D

  3. I’ve got Mario Strikers and it’s indeed excellent.
    Sadly I’ve had less time than I’d like to play it but the match is definitely still going ahead!
    Yeah I read that rumour on Neogaf where quite a few people were trying to discredit the original poster, not too sure but if it’s true then we’re in for a treat
    Oh and glad to see people are enjoying the post, always good to see :)

  4. we have to get more people to join in on our match! any voluntaries?? send in ur Wii Number or just add mine: 8244134709022598. but hey i can’t get to that match til the 7th when the game comes out :( but hey sickr, how’s the game?? is it really good? i always wanted to buy the GCN one but never had the chance, is the controls any good? does it look good too? damn i’m excited and then MP8 in JULY!!! it’d be good if they Made Mario Party or the 2nd Raving Rabbids online… with championships and all… Let us Pray!!

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