Nintendo Wii: Resident Evil 4 Storms Japanese Charts


The critically acclaimed Resident Evil 4 Wii remake has zoomed straight into the Japanese all-format chart at no.2.

The no holds barred action game which implements full Wii’mote’ support is looking like an essential purchase when its released at the end of the month.


  1. ha, its funny cause i recieved a email last week from capcom telling me the details of resident Evil 4 and some stuff on RE:UC, this is what they wrote: “Survival/Horror masterpiece Resident Evil® 4 comes to the Wii™! The added Wii Remote™ support allows players to aim, fire, slash, reload, crank and avoid oncoming badguys with natural motions and movements.

    Featuring all of the additional content from the PlayStation® 2 version, 480p and widescreen support, and an intuitive new control scheme, Resident Evil® 4 Wii Edition is an entirely new experience and is sure to become the definitive version of this landmark game.

    Pick one up today!”
    how thoughtful of them ey? :D i can’t wait for this!!

  2. for sure!! this is gonna be cool! i always wanted heaps of on rails shooters on the wii, and Fps like resi as well, i really want SEGA, Konami and Capcom do make us some damn good on rails shooter!!! now BRING GUN SURVIVOR!!

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