Nintendo Wii: Codemasters Believe The Nintendo Wii 2 Isnt Too Far Off


Rod Cousens, CEO of acclaimed development studio Codemasters is adamant that we will see the Wii successor sooner than we’ve all anticipated.

“I could give you an argument that says there’s going to be a ‘Wii 2’ pretty quickly because [Nintendo will need one] in order to sustain momentum over a 10-year period”

– Rod Cousens, Codemasters



  1. What was the last console to get released that lived as long as 10 years, without a newer, shinier upgraded console appearing?

    I don’t believe Nintendo were ever looking to keep the Wii alive for that long. Most consoles usually live for 5 years, so why is everyone talking about a ‘Wii 2’ being early? Or the idea of the Wii being with us until 2011?

  2. Sony says they will have the PS3 out for a ten-year cycle (though, I am disinclined to beleive them), and Microsoft wiil release their next version of the XBox around 2011, so it will only make sense for a Wii 2 to arrive around 2011. THe PS3 and Next-gen XBox will look more appitizing after time, so nintendo will need to compete with a new machine. It is pretty unlikely that a Wii 2 will arrive before 2011. For the record, Nintendo has stated that it’s next console WILL have HD capabilities.

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