Nintendo Wii: Commodore 64 Classics Hit Wii Virtual Console


Retro gaming enthusiasts are in for a treat as the Commodore 64 back catalogue comes to Wii.

Nintendo Europe and Commodore Gaming announced today that they’re bringing the vast majority of the Commodore 64’s critically acclaimed titles to play via the Virtual Console service.



  1. Nintendo should include the Commodore 634 version of the BASIC programming language. This could be handed out at low cost or even free. Because it is easiy to use with probelems in algebra, it could help increase interest in math and science. Calculations could then be of more than a trivial nature but still easily understood.

  2. I’m going to get a Nintendo Wii as soon as the Commodore 64 is available for it. This would really be a fantastic addition to the Wii because the C64 has so many excellent games.

    So what if the graphics and sound aren’t up to what current technology has to offer? The C64 games are excellent for kids due to their wide variety of oddities and differences, and they learn so much from them while having fun. Loads of educational games too which also enhance that even further.

    Some of my favourites when I was a child were Spy vs. Spy (all versions), Jumpman and Jumpman Jr., David’s Midnight Magic, Lazy Jones, NOMAD, Glider Rider, Donald Duck’s Playground, Faye The Math Woman, Spy Hunter, Toy Bizarre, Master of Magic, and so many MANY others.

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