Nintendo Wii: Resident Evil 2 Remake Comming Soon For Wii?

Oh yes, another remake of the classic survival horror franchise could be hitting a Nintendo platform soon.

(Rumour) We will be treated to a full Wii-ified remake, with some additional story elements. There will be a new ‘swordsman’ enemy (sword waggling minigame, anyone?) and ‘Resident Evil 4 Viewpoints’, which could mean anything – possibly 3rd-person over-the-shoulder stuff?



  1. resi 2 was one of the best sequels ever. bigger and better than the first. a true classic. i hope that they remake it with the same engine as re4. its about time claire will have her next gen adventure, i really loved her. capcom please/please,please make this game

  2. This is what everyone has been waiting for and it better happen! and it should have happened right after REmake! over the shoulder view is a BAD idea though! any real fan of the series knows that it needs to be left untouched! aside from some new areas and plot twists! why fix it if it isnt broken? they didnt do that for REmake and it was amazing! NO NEW VIEW!

  3. Res 2 remake for GC was “ok” however it seemed to me that Res 3 Remake for GC was much crisper than 2.

    In my opinion Nintendo does not even have to take on a major effort like remake of Res 1. With the technology today they could recreate the present backrounds and create modern graphic characters with updated voice and that would be fine.

  4. I sure hope that you won’t have to do any of that body burning rubbish, or any this doorknob looks like it’s about to fall off or too many extra rooms and bosses and very limeted ammo and very unkillable zombies like in REmake! ‘Cos I think that the classics were hard enough without REmake storming on and giving me a headache. And anyway they made the Wii GC compatible, why can’t we use them games? Besides most of the Resi REmakes and ports aren’t that good anyway! Why not make an after story for games? Like Resi 4: Wii Edition Episode 1: The Holdback or something like that? An entirely new game which goes to the limits of the Wii’s playability?

    P.S. Resi 2&3 for the GC were not REmakes, they were ports! I found no changes in story, graphics or areas than the original PlayStation, OC or whatever else they came out on’s versions okay?

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