Nintendo DSi: Nintendo DSi Outsells DS Lite By Four To One


During April 2009 the recently released Nintendo DSi outsold its predecessor by an incredible four to one.

Nintendo has issued a press release informing everyone that the Nintendo DSi and DS Lite’s sales combined amounted to 1.04 million sales during April 2009. The figures that were spouted also clearly show that the DSi’s predecessor, the DS Lite, was outsold by a ratio of four to one by its fresher and newer brethren.



  1. Time for Nintendo to finally lower the price on the DS Lite. I was surprised they haven’t already… usually when a new model of anything is released, the price of the old model drops.

    Of course the DSi will outsell… if you’re gonna spend $129 for a DS Lite, you might as well spend a little extra and get the DSi. But soon they’ll run into a problem where there are plenty of DSLites sitting around collecting dust on store shelves. Time to drop the DS Lite to $80-90 so they will get cleared away.

  2. How is this surprising? DS lite has already reached saturation point, but the Japanese particularly lap up any console revision on an established line.

  3. No, it’s time for Nintendo to think up some new ideas. What have they REALLY done here with the DSi? Resold a product. All they did was re-issue the Gameboy Camera as a console, and updated the DS’s firmware (which should’ve been done on the release of DS Lite, by the way), and added on an extra 70 dollars to the price. >.> Seriously N. Stop it.

    1. They have a magic formula with their handhelds why not use those same ingredients to the console.I will happily buy one without question.

  4. I live in Japan right now but I assume that the software that is part of the firmware packages on DSi are the same. That being said, the animation software that comes on the Dsi alone is an amazing upgrade and definitely makes me a fan of the newer product.

  5. I am in love with the apple-colored DS. I gotta have that. My Dad has been asking me what do I want for my birthday. I know now what I want :) He better be ready with his credit card! ;)

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