Nintendo Wii: Miyamoto’s Next Zelda For Wii Artwork Appears Online


The Zelda image Miyamoto reportedly showed off at Nintendo’s E3 round table conference has finally surfaced online.

The image which depicts the next itteration of the Zelda franchise for the Nintendo Wii has finally found its way online. Although the game won’t be due until around 2011 the image that was released showcases a more mature Link accompined by what appears to be the Queen of the Faries.



  1. @ landon – most likely. Miyamoto said the earliest we’ll see it is 2010, and that’s if everything goes according to plan (which it usually never does)

    @ Sickr – The girl is actually the spirit of the Master Sword, which explains why Link has no sword in hand.

    1. From what I’ve read there’s been mixed reactions as to who it actually is, but your point does make a lot of sense.

  2. I know the most fans of Zelda might be sad about we only having a new Zelda nearly 2011… but, once again, Miyamoto has proven to be a excelent developer.

    While we have SQUARE-ENIX destroying the FINAL FANTASY franchise, announcing FINAL FANTASY XIV ONLINE to be in stores in the same year as FINAL FANTASY XII (I guess).

    In another words.. more time = more quality.

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