Nintendo Wii: Sega Think They’ve Got The Number One Game This Christmas


Sega firmly believe that Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games is going to be ruling the top spot in the UK gaming charts this Christmas.

“There are three games that can be Christmas number one: Call of Duty, FIFA or Mario & Sonic. It’s as simple as that.”

“The price cuts on PS3 and 360 could make that a slightly larger challenge, and Modern Warfare 2 will be huge. Will it be bigger than the last Modern Warfare? I think it probably will be.”

“But we think we can do it because the last Mario & Sonic achieved a 30 per cent attach rate on Wii and on DS it got a seven per cent attach rate. And if we achieve even half of that, we’ll be in with a chance.”

– Sega UK’s marketing director John Clarke



  1. New Super Mario Bros. Wii is crap. Easily forgettable…. As for Spirit Tracks, I think Scriblenauts and Mario and Luigi 3 will individually sell better than that Phantom Hourglass reboot.

  2. Hmm, at first glance, it just sounds like a stupid statement but you know, if they do achieve the same 30% attach rate on the Wii and 7% on the DS, which would mean more than 14 million copies sold considering current install bases of DS and Wii, Sega’s statement is actually logical. But… I have hard time believeing it’ll achieve the same rate of success this time because last time, there was the hype of Olympics supporting the game, and that’s def not the case this time.

  3. New Super Mario Bros. Wii is the first Mario sidescroller on a Nintendo console since Super Mario World. If that isn’t enough of a selling point, there’s up to four player co-operative gameplay. Unheard of for a sidescroller, up until now.

  4. BAAAA HAHAhaha…don’t count on it sega, if you can get your old team back after that 90% full year cut rate, you really will go down the drain. Stop fucking around and be like your past selves or be like your adventure to battle selves. Quit trying to be funny…

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