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Nintendo Wii: New Super Mario Bros ‘Demo Play’ Cleared Up


Nintendo have cleared up gamers fears about the forthcoming ‘demo play‘ included in the New Super Mario Bros Wii.

The game itself will not complete levels for you as first thought, however, it will show gamers the way to fully complete a difficult level if they choose to access the dynamic help system.

“New Super Mario Bros. Wii is also the first Nintendo game to feature a dynamic help system, which allows you to access a mode showing how a level can be completed if you are stuck.”


4 thoughts on “Nintendo Wii: New Super Mario Bros ‘Demo Play’ Cleared Up”

  1. Well is a great option especially for people not related to videogames, so you don’t have to explain to them how to do it, but the game itself does, i thinks this is the nintendo teory of how to atract non-players

  2. Nice!!! Great for newcomers for nintendo gamers that need help. I like this feature! Definatly gonna help few of my family members

  3. best part about it is that Nintendo is finally upping the level difficulty. This way, hardcore games get the game they want, and newcomers have no fuss over not being able to complete a level.

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