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Nintendo Wii: New Zelda Game Has Been In Development For 5 Years?

Online gaming publication, Destructoid, recently came across an old copy of Game Informer from January 2007 which stated that Nintendo were working on a brand new Zelda title specifically for the Wii.

At the time the gaming publication stated that the new Zelda game has been under development in Nintendo HQ for a year already. This means that if the game comes out in 2010, as Nintendo believe, then it’ll place the development time for the project at around the five years mark.


Game Informer (Screen Shot)

13 thoughts on “Nintendo Wii: New Zelda Game Has Been In Development For 5 Years?”

  1. Could it not be assumed (given the rules against assuming:)) that Nintendo was working on the Wii Zelda right along with the GCN Zelda? I remember an interview where Nintendo has stated that at one time in development the actually exprimented with a First Person View Link. This was back when they where talking about how the Wii was changing how they thought about a lot of their old franchises changing in gameplay.

    1. Twilight princess was in development since Orcarina of Time came out that’s why Majoras mask was a side project and wind waker was a rehash of OOT. Great games don’t just appear they need a lot of work put into them. I mean look at franchises with yearly releases are the older ones still played today? Most of nintendo games are

        1. Wow, you really know a lot about the series.

          Twilight was more a rehash of OoT than WW. And it wasn’t in development until 2002 – 2003, because there is no way they would’ve started the game in ’97 – ’98.

  2. If this Zelda is like an Elder Scrolls game I will flip… Especially if its in first person. Jeeze, now I’m really excited O_O

  3. they always take forever to make a game. it’s just that the first two years are really just brainstorming and screwing around with different ideas.

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