Nintendo 3DS: 3DS To Feature 3.4 Inch Sharp Parallax Barrier Display?

According to early leaks originating from Japan, Nintendo forthcoming 3D handheld will feature a 3.4 inch Sharp Parallax Barrier Display Screen which includes a modest 480 x 854 pixel display.

Unlike the 3D displays you’ll find in modern 3D HDTVs requiring the viewer to wear active or passive glasses, Sharp’s display uses a parallax barrier system to create a sense of depth by using a series of vertical slits in an ordinary LCD to direct light to the right and left eyes. The panel offers a 500nit brightness, 1,000:1 contrast, and is available with or without a touchscreen.

– Engadget



  1. Maybe they’re saying that the same screens would be used for the top and bottom, but the bottom one would be touch… just a thought…

  2. The whole no touch screen thing may be a troll. They can’t just remove a console’s best feature, think the Nintendo Wii without the motion control(Super Smash Bros Brawl).

  3. Engadget was saying that it’s available with or without a touchscreen for anyone to buy. Obviously, these screens aren’t solely for Nintendo. Sharp has a product they need to sell to anyone.

    Engadget could also have said with or without a touchscreen as in top and bottom screen.

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