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Nintendo Wii: Nintendo Explain The Lack Of 3DS Game Reveals At Nintendo E3 Press Conference

Nintendo president Satoru Iwata has explained to analysts why Nintendo decided not to announce the whole host of titles that are currently being developed by Nintendo for the 3DS at the Nintendo press conference.

“In terms of our own internal software development, we will be devoting much of our resources to support Nintendo 3DS. From our historical perspective, since we thought it is obvious that first-party software lineup needs to support the new platform to expand its installed base, we did not emphasize that in our [E3] presentation. We will of course introduce quality first-party software.”

“Our internal teams, which have created series titles supported by Nintendo fans, are now beginning their work on development, very excited about the various types of things that they’re going to be able to achieve.”

– Nintendo president, Satoru Iwata



  1. After watching the E# press conference, it is easy to see where Iwata is coming from. they really backed up the system with a lot of content/games from 3rd party developers. As a Nintendo platform, you would naturally expect Nintendo to produce quality games from classic series for it.

  2. Has a New Super Mario Bros. game been confirmed yet? (Please say yes. NSMB3D would be awesome

    1. I read that Miyamoto wants to produce a Mario game for the handheld. Whether it will be along the lines of New Super Mario Bros or Mario Galaxy remains to be seen.

      1. New Super Mario Bros Galaxy 3(DS)

        Wouldn´t it be nice.

        All levels should have Mario Galaxy 3d- on the upper screen. And if you took a pipe you would go down to the 2d-nsmb world.
        Each level designed for that in mind. :)

      2. Whoa! Now that’s a clever play on words. Bonding 2 mario series to finish 2 trilogys. It would be effin’ awesome.

    1. The majority of games such as Star Fox, Animal Crossing, Zelda, Mario Kart etc they didn’t actually announce at the press event. Instead they updated their E3 website with these new games.

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