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Changes To Comments – No Longer Need Name And Email To Post Comments

After receiving some user feedback I’ve decided to disable the need for people to enter an email address or a display name if they wish to post a comment on the site.

If you decide not to type in a name your comment will appear as ‘anonymous’ so it’s entirely down to you if you wish to fill in the name field. Any problems then let me know : )

Many thanks,

– Sickr


21 thoughts on “Changes To Comments – No Longer Need Name And Email To Post Comments”

    1. I can never be bothered to post my name and email to post a quick comment on other sites, so I don’t see why you guys and girls should have to : ) Thank you all for visiting and commenting etc

  1. The 3DS should be released with 2 versions.
    1. Like the one at E3
    2. Without the double screen.

    I’m sure there going to do that at a later date.

    There just trying to make the switch slowly.

    Like DS that supports GBA games.

    I for one want the 3D without the 2 screens.

  2. I love nintendo love it since it came out in 85 i’ve had an old skool console since then and i still play it. Good look for the changes it doesn’t bother me if i have to put in my email add or not. So whatevas clever..

  3. The 3DS should have 2 tittles
    1. Smash Bros
    2. Call of duty
    I want to play video games on the go with my friends again T^T plz

  4. Since i dont know where i can post my concern/comment over nintendo’s internal problem, im very much interested in wii u but nintendo’s constantantly changes the spec of their system had me think thrice i repeat thrice, i mean come on, when the 3ds first spec was release its gpu was clock at the appropriate level to significantly outperform the psp then nintendo decided to underpowered the system which makes it look like psp graphics-like, nintendo is in turmoil the company is certainly heading towards the same beaten path sega took a long time ago, what are the problems or should i say what the fuck is wrong with nintendo? short answer: HARD HEADED!!! that’s right they continue to ignore the industry vet who suggest to take the next evolutioanry step towards innovation by creating a machine which capable enough to handle next-gen gameplay, they are hard to worked with, developers/publishers around the gaming industry say the same thing, it’s a surefire way to piss off third party, they never learn anything since n64, wii u can still succed no matter what tha cost only if nintendo decide to use the approriate technology needed, i mean power 7 cpu and ati 4870 x2 which would make it way more powerful than ps3/360 without batting a huge amount of money this tech is cheap but more than capable, nintendo will not have any valid excuses not to incorporate this tech into wii u, but then again this is nintendo, how sad watching a beloved company plummet due to their own shortcomings, i hope this thing reach nintendo itself,

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