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Nintendo 3DS: Sony PSP Boss Isn’t Won Over By Glasses Free 3D And Satoru Iwata Talks 3D

Speaking to Japanese publication Sankei Biz, Sony Computer Entertainment boss Kaz Hirai revealed rather predictably that he isn’t entirely won over by glasses free 3D technology.

“Naked-eye 3D for portables does not have high precision, and at present there are limitations,”

– Sony’s Kaz Hirai

On the subject of 3D, Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata still has the technology in mind for the future successor to the Nintendo Wii, but, he says it’s unlikely that we will see glasses free 3D TV’s anytime soon.

“With parallax barrier technology the LCD must be a certain distance away from the screen. It also needs a certain viewing angle. We think it is not a great match for the home TV set.”

“As one of the engineers, I can anticipate that someone will invent a 3D TV that does not require you to wear 3D glasses. As far as today is concerned I do not think they can do it well. We need an invention to make it happen. If you ask me when, I have no idea.”

– Satoru Iwata



  1. Sounds ike Hirai is jealous cuz he kno Nintendo is skyrocketing in popularity and soon sales too. He betta step it up if he wanna bring Sony to da foreplay.

  2. I think the only way we can have glasses free 3D TVs with the viewing angle we need is when TVs become hologram projections but that’s all sci-fi at the moment that’s what makes it better for a portable console (as opposed to Sony’s beliefs) because you remove most of the obstacles.

  3. LMAO Sony is just whining because they know the 3DS will force them to do something new and innovative for their new hand held. Oh wait! Knowing Sony they will just copy it and call it their own!

    1. Introducing The New * P3D*

      Lol I swear if They actually steal that name for me imma Just Laugh lol

  4. Ohhhhh shh glasses is a limitation what 8 year old is not going to trash the glasses ? Not to mention you have to bring a second thing along with you that is easy to break . And if you wear normal glasses its uncomftrable to wear both at a time for long periods

  5. Haters gonna hate.

    …what? The Sony comments in relation to Nintendo always warrant this. -Always-.

  6. Sony always seems unimpressed whenever Nintendo releases a new product. However, Sony will be releasing PSP 3D once they see the off the chart sales of the 3DS. Why can’t Sony just be a good competitor and acknowledge Nintendo’s work instead of putting it down and then trying to imitate and calling it innovation?

  7. sony can never be a fair compedetor, they always put down nintendo’s new products (ussually out of jelousy) and before you know it they will steal it and put their name on it.
    why cant they be like microsoft who admitted that they were impressed by the 3DS
    I cant wait to see what sony does to copy this

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