Nintendo DS: Japan Still In Love With The Nintendo DS

The Nintendo DS continues to be Japan’s favourite gaming system with the dual-screen handheld topping this weeks Japanese hardware charts by a sizeable chunk.

  • PSP – 28,747
  • Nintendo DSi LL – 24,189
  • Wii – 21,092
  • PlayStation 3 – 19,420
  • Nintendo DSi – 18,202
  • Xbox 360 – 6,056
  • Nintendo DS Lite – 5,059
  • PlayStation 2 – 1,475
  • PSP Go – 831



  1. Nintendo has popularity, but Sony and Microsoft still have critic supporters. We’ll see how good Nintendo can compete against them with the 3DS.

  2. PSPgo still a failure, 360 still not popular in Japan, and DS Lites still sell considerably. What a twist.

  3. Am ithe only one who noticed that they are up there with 3 different ds types. I mean granted, they all did well solo, but what was there real comp.? Maybe the psps… but how many sales were going on, bundles, etc. to market out the ds’. Don’t get me wrong because I have both a ds and ds lite, and am eagerly awaiting the 3DS. But it’s kind of misleading that ds’ really dominate, when there is 3 different types.

    1. They are all a form of the ‘DS’. The fact that it’s forms of ds’s show it is dominate because sales put together Is around 47,000. Whereas psp has around 19.000 less sales in total with their forms of the psp.

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