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Nintendo 3DS: Masahiro Sakurai Says Resident Evil Revelations Is Most Impressive 3DS Game

Masahiro Sakurai, the acclaimed creative force behind Kirby, Smash Bros and Kid Icarus has lavished praise upon Capcom’s highly anticipated Resident Evil Revelations on the Nintendo 3DS.

When asked what Nintendo 3DS game he was most impressed with Sakuria replied:

“Resident Evil Revelations was very impressive. The real time graphics in that are very impressive and I’ve already seen things that I can learn from that.”



  1. Doesn’t surprise me, Capcom is one of the few developers who takes the Wii (and now the 3Ds) seriously. Resident Evil 4 looks beautiful and plays wonderfull, the \same goes for Monster Hunter Tri.

  2. Honestly, that’s not saying much. Considering how few games there are for the 3DS since IT’S NOT EVEN OUT YET!

    1. The announced launch titles alone already bshow more interesting games than the PSP has ever gained in its entire lifetime – not to mention most of the really interesting ones, such as Little Big Planet , usually are toned-down versions of their home console counterparts (as opposed to things like Zelda: Phantom Hourglass, which could only be possible in the DS).

      That considered, yes, this says much about RE: Revelations.

  3. I agree it looks SO good and this will be the first purchase I make if it does get released when the 3DS launches

  4. Don’t give us the graphics attitude now, Sakurai. Everyone knows that Resident Evil titles are a coin flip when it comes to being good or bad.

  5. Maybe the polygon budget spent on Characters alone is a good thing.Looking forward to see the finished game.

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