Nintendo DS: The Nintendo DS Is Still Ruling The Roost In Japan

The Nintendo DS continues to remain a dominant figure in the Japanese hardware charts with the handheld continually outselling its rivals by a fair share, even though its successor is expected to launch later this year.

  1. Nintendo DS: 57,582
  2. Sony PSP: 36,342
  3. PlayStation 3: 33,057
  4. Nintendo Wii: 25,072
  5. Xbox 360: 5,065
  6. PlayStation 2: 1,675



      1. I try my best. Major news is a little slack at the moment. It’ll definitely pick up next month when we find out the release date and pricing for the Nintendo 3DS. Cant wait ; )

    1. haha, sony is not that good in japan :D
      good work, sickr. i always look forward to reading your news. ;)
      i can’t wait til we get the release date and pricing of the 3ds but i whish they would bring some news about skyward sword …

    2. Any idea where I could get these figures for US sales? I am curious how the 3DS sales numbers will do and if the large fanbase from the DS will convert over. It seems to me that people are still buying the DS and I find it hard to believe that they are prepared to instantly jump over the the new handheld console.

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