Nintendo Wii: GoldenEye 007 ‘Will Blow Away All Wii First Person Shooters’

Activison and Eurocom are evidently feeling rather enthusiastic about the forthcoming GoldenEye 007 with the developer claiming that GoldenEye 007 will “blow away anything you’ve ever seen first-person shooter-wise on the Wii”.



  1. I’m very skeptical. I know that a lot of people will be disappointed, because when Goldeneye was first released, standards were not yet set, and the quality bar wasn’t so high.

  2. thats 100 B.S, it looks like a normal fps on the wii. i saw no iron sights, graphics are terrible which is one reason lots of people will turn this game down, i myself dont care for graphics but anyways theres no killstreak rewards announced? no perks? idk if theres capture the flag, but thats my favorite online mode. Conduit 2 is going to blow away anything you’ve ever seen first-person shooter-wise on the Wii. not goldeneye, conduit 2 will make wii history, its got everything an amazing fps needs not only on the wii, but in general. it has 30 perks, lots and lots of character customization, awesome colorful and beutiful online maps, a deployable turret ( cant wait to use that), new weapons, it will be the first game to use the WII HEADBANGER HEADSET, goldeneye wont use it. so there ya go, conduit 2 is gonna be top dog

  3. In marketing standards, perhaps.

    Though the only other worthwhile first-person shooters on Wii are Metroid Prime 3/Trilogy and The Conduit.

    Not putting much faith in Activision for honoring a classic. Instead they’re just mauling it until it looks like Modern Warfare 2.

    Oh and I cringed at the 4th comment.

  4. they are just using the name goldeneye to make money. They rewrote the story and don’t have Pierce Brosnan. Give me a break call it something different!

  5. All shooters are the same. Especially on the wii. I agree that metroid prime&conduit 2 are epic…but conduit 2 is just a combination of mW2 and halo3…not to original. When my wii broke, i had no desire to get a new one, just becuz only a few games were actually challenging or appealing: for example: the wii just butchered jc’s avatar, but created a great LoZ. There are just too many fails..

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