Nintendo Wii: The Next Nintendo Home Console Will Most Definitely “Surprise” People

Yoshio Sakamoto, the co creator behind the Metroid franchise has told Spanish website 3DJuegos that consumers will be “surprised” with what Nintendo have in store for their next home gaming console.

“At Nintendo we always have the obligation to surprise users with a new console. We have never done what others [do]. We prefer to create something new that catches attention, and I think this will continue at this time. Surely the new Nintendo machine will leave you all with [your] mouths open.”

– Yoshio Sakamoto, Nintendo



  1. Hmmm…it looks like a SUPER NINTENDO controller…but it might be a different thing overall…ooo…now I’m desperate to know what it is!! >.<' *Whirr*

  2. I hope it doesn’t come anytime soon, I need to save up for the 3DS lol, but still I feel very impatient. Nintendo has made many surprises these years…

  3. What about a box, that you put your hand(s) in, and it scans them 600 times per second, so you can get a 3d-hand on-screen with precision control. ;)

  4. Nintendo is creating something HUGE! Something that BIG that our minds are even close to imagine what it is…
    The only thing I can think of is that is is goning to be the mix of gameplay and the last in tecnology…

    1. That’s because it IS a SNES controller its not actually the new console, it was just put there as the article needs a picture. God, some of you people…

  5. This new console won’t come for a while. Wii hasn’t nearly lived the lifespan of a normal Nintendo home console yet.

    As for the successor, from what I recall, the main feature is motion capture. The players will be motion captured and put in the game. At the time, they said there wouldn’t be a controller, but I can’t see a console with no controller.

    1. I think Nintendo would do something like they’ve done with the Wii; Allow for multiple control types. You could use the Wiimote, Wiimote and Nunchuck, Classic Controller, and Gamecube.

      The 3DS also has motion tracking, a gyroscope and accelerometer, as well as the touch screen. This lets the individual game developers get a lot more creative with their games.

      I wouldn’t expect the Wii 2 to have just one controller type. That wouldn’t be Nintendo.

  6. Now I would like the answer. I know I will be surprised and save money to purchase it. Nintendo never failed me in their products

  7. I’m reminded all over again of some of the first PS2 ads , showcasing a fake future product called the PlayStation 9. Just a little ball that opened up and the “spores” inside flew up your nose, and that was how the game was played. Nintendo isn’t about to pull off something quite that different (or ridiculous) but the idea that they’re so confident that it’s going to be a surprise for everyone makes one’s mind wander…

  8. I hope next generation’s Nintendo surprise won’t drive decent third parties away only to reel in shovelware makers.

    3DS is doing it right.

  9. Yes, I REALLY hope the next console follows in the footsteps of the 3DS (meaning tons of good 3rd party support). I also hope that it is actually next-gen, and not last-gen, like the Wii is. Before any of you get mad at me, let me say this:

    The Wii didn’t really need High-Def graphics. First of all, it was just too expensive, and second of all, there weren’t all that many HDTV’s yet anyway, if I recall. However, we’re getting to the point that HD isn’t really NEW anymore, and is definitely becoming standard, if it hasn’t already. When the Wii came out, my home didn’t have a single HD capable television. Now there’s a large 1080p flat-screen (and also a Blu-Ray player) in the living room, and a 720p one with a PS3 (which I use less than my Wii, FYI. It hasn’t been turned on in like 2 months.) in my room. It may also be a good idea for them to make the next console 3D capable, as that seems like it’s going to be the next step after HD. I’m not saying that they should make the games in 3D, but they should allow for that functionality later on down the road. A simple system update could enable this functionality for those that need it. This will surely extend it’s lifespan.

    With that said, I cannot wait to see what they have in store for us!

  10. I would not worry about the graphics capabilities. Nintendo proved they were right market vice about the Wii, and they know that they have to put the right amount of graphical horsepower on the market to be competitive.

    As for the knew console it would have to be something that keeps the Wii audience and also nurtures the hardcore-players. Also, that it uses the wiimote in some cases.

    But I think Nintendo will bring us something brand new when it comes to the controls. Someone said “motion capture” but thats just another word for Kinect. No, Nintendo know that they need to do something that would blow Kinect and Move out of the water. Something that makes people say, “hey, why didnt Microsoft or Sony think of THIS!!”

    Wonder what it can be. :) Announced at E3 next year, with worldwide release in Christmas 12? What do you think?

  11. @ handnf – Actually, there’s no gyroscope. Only an accelorometer, much like the one in Wii MotionPlus. An example of where a gyroscope is used would be WarioWare: Twisted.

  12. Oh, JOY. I despise 3D things. Not to mention that 3D won’t ever live far. It has a kick every ten years or so. Just look at it.

    Either way, I was very disappointed with the Wii. I want a controller, Nintendo! That is what a video game is. Something I can sit on my ass and use a controller with buttons. I don’t want to be swinging a damn remote everywhere.

    As my father has said, “If I have to actually swing to play golf on the Wii, I might as well just go out a play golf.”

  13. @ Eki – The Wii is based around user-activity. Not necessarily exercise, but something to get users to feel more in the game; feel like they actually effect the game more. By your logic, you must be pretty pissed about Kinect and PSMove.

  14. What Nintendo need to do is utilize the Wii channels.

    It was a good idea, but needed allowance for 3rd party channnels (aka Apps)

    Iplayer was a start, at least I thought it was, but it didn’t start anything. That was the only channel nintendo let in.

    Imagne a Skype app for instance. or facebook, Im sure you could think of alot of useful ideas – And so could other companies/organizations…

    Just reading about the need for TV OS, nintendo could do it, with an app store likeness with pleny of choice..

    Just sayin…
    An app store like mentality, with alot of choice would be advantageous.

  15. I see from comments a lot of excitement, maybe I’m alone. Does anyone else feel like its just to soon for even a vague reference such as this one to a wii successor? Maybe its that I’ve been gaming for to long and I’m sick of the typical marketing pattern, or maybe its that I’m just coming into wii ownership after deciding its the console for me having already tried the PS3 and XBOX360 and not being satisfied. The later would definitely make sense. To me the wii is still very new. But I feel like we are just moving to fast, that the wii has a lot of life left, there are still amazing things we can do with it, that the virtual console needs bigger libraries for its great classic consoles (only about 19 N64 games and 72 Genesis games and we are talking about a successor??) Also, everyone seems so eaten up with the next big thing they aren’t asking the questions that concern me….When a new console comes out what will become of the wii store, online gameplay for the wii, and the virtual console? Will all that continue to be supported with just new features for the new console as well or will it be closed down? I don’t know. Everyone else can be excited. I’d really appreciate it if Nintendo would just make its good thing better till 2015. 5 years between consoles seemed like a lot when i was a kid, now its jsut to much to soon. I want to enjoy what we have before they force me to drop another 300 dollars on slightly updated hardware.

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