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Nintendo Wii: More Information Revealed About Mario Collection Special Pack

Popular online retailer PlayAsia have revealed some more information about the recently revealed Super Mario All-Stars collection which is coming to the Wii under the guise of the Super Mario Collection Special Pack.

Super Mario is celebrating his 25th anniversary this year. Now’s the time to rediscover the fun of all the Super Mario games you have played. All instalments will be included in this super package, enjoy the classic platform action from the 80s and step up to the new ones. You can even experience the rare Super Mario USA journey.

Besides gaming, the package comes with a booklet with all the game sketches, illustrations and development information. Come see how Mario evolved over the years as you listen to the special soundtracks. Favourite themes and arrangements from all existing Mario games are collected into this CD. If you are a true fan, you couldn’t miss this package.

– PlayAsia


12 thoughts on “Nintendo Wii: More Information Revealed About Mario Collection Special Pack”

    1. I don’t care if it is Japan exclusive I will order it!

      But I really hope they decide to be nice and release an American one.

  1. Super Mario USA is Super Mario Bros 2 for everyone Else.
    The “Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels” we all know, is The Second Super Mario Bros. Game in Japan. However, in Japan, before Super Mario USA, and Super Mario Bros. 2, there was a game wich is exactly the same as this mentioned games. With the difference that instead Mario and the Gang of heroes, there’s a group of 4 characters, 2 boys and 2 girls. Arabicans. Search Google for “origin of Super Mario Bros 2” for more info.

  2. I WANT IT!
    if there are some relectures(I mean, the first super mario,but with the new super mario bros wii graphics)….OH.MAH.GOD.

  3. @ PakoGDLmx – Oh. Didn’t know they referenced Mario Bros. 2 as the ‘rare Super Mario USA journey’.
    Thanks for the info ^__^

  4. Unlikely.

    1. Probably would’ve been stated with this release.

    2. There was no Gameboy release for All-Stars on SNES. XD

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