Nintendo 3DS: UK Retailer Listing Nintendo 3DS For £194.99 With March 18th Release Date

Online retailer GameGears has started pre-orders for the Nintendo 3DS ahead of the 3DS press event on January 19th.

The online retailer is charging £194.99 for the device which it says will be available for purchase in three different colours and will be released on March 18th 2011.



  1. I’m going to get it for sure but I think I’ll wait a while after release. The price is pretty high and the games I want to play on it I’ve already played on their original consoles so I’m in no rush ^_^

  2. I’m going to get this for sure but I think I’ll wait a while after it’s released before I do. The price is a bit steep and the games I’m buying it for I’ve already played on their original consoles so I’m in no rush ^_^

  3. You shouldn’t confuse the issue by saying that the 3DS is available for pre-order, because it’s not! GameGears only allow you to register your interest, NOT actually pre-order it. It really irritates me when websites confuse pre-ordering with merely being able to register your interest. They send an email when it’s available for pre-order, but only if you register your interest.

  4. *crosses fingers*
    The price actually seems reasonable and makes more sense than $300 because I think Nintendo knows a lot of people looking at this system would be like “hell no” to a high priced handheld these days. And because they knocked the prices down on the dsi’s, this could actually(and hopefully) be the real deal. If it is, I’ll most definitely get one day one.

  5. I think they’re screwing up with this price point. Did they learn nothing from the PS3? 599 dollars results in low system sales. Likewise, almost 300 USD for a portable console is basically an equivalent. People are gonna say “Do I want a portable handheld, or do I want a PS3 that can play blu-rays for that price?” and the ridiculousness-factor is going to turn them off, I imagine. People will still need to buy games for it, and with 20 freakin launch titles they’ll be wanting to buy a LOT of games … its going to be sticker shock.

    1. actually i think that this price is quite reasonable considering the production price and any less would be a loss for nintendo, which you may no have noticed is a business and they wont lower the price so much that it will be a loss for them no matter how many people whine

      1. Your average buyer doesn’t care about the production costs, just the price. They aren’t going to walk into the store and say “That 3DS costs as much as an Xbox 360, which is more powerful and has more games, but since the 3DS has a higher production cost it makes it a more worthy buy than the 360”

        No matter what you say about production costs, 300$ is still a lot for a portable console, and sales on the 3DS are going to suffer because of it.

        1. The normal consumer will walk into a store and see the 3DS presents new and fresh technology and from THERE they will justify whether they want to buy it or not. In the end, the 3DS will be the first widely distributed and seen glasses-free 3D device.

          I keep seeing all these news releases for phones with glasses-free 3D, but I haven’t even seen any at common retailers yet. Phones aren’t something I go out of my way to look at, either. Let’s just say when I walk into Best Buy… the phones don’t grab my attention like the televisions, computers, and games.

      2. The parts used to make the 3DS aren’t brand new pieces of technology, the production price really shouldn’t be that high… £194.99 is too high, it should cost at maximum £179.99.

        Anyway, I’ve never even heard of before…

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