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Nintendo 3DS: Nintendo 3DS Already Hacked For Use With R4 Cards

It appears as though eager hackers have successfully managed to get R4 piracy cartridges working on the just-released Nintendo 3DS.

Whilst the R4 cartridge is unable to backup or pirate Nintendo 3DS releases, those with the illegal R4 card will still be able to play original Nintendo DS games that are currently stored on the device using the Nintendo 3DS.

Thanks @sholink



    1. Not to argue with “cheater” since some people do use it to hack and for piracy, but I travel about 300 days a year and carrying 50+ DS games and my GBA games is just annoying, my R4 allows me to play all my GBA and DS titles, also letting me play my NES and GBC titles that I wouldn’t be able to play otherwise on my NDS Lite


  1. Wow, the handheld has been released in Japan mere hours ago and it’s already been hacked?! I know Nintendo is working hard on the whole anti-piracy thing, but OUCH! (o_0;)


    1. Note that it doesn’t work on 3DS games (yet), it working for normal DS games is quite different than hacking the entire device, they now just have a piece of it that they’ve had done for several years now.


  2. I think Nintendo DS games aren’t the real priority for Nintendo, c’mon!

    They just have to release one update and *poof*, no more flashcards. And more, in Japan, people don’t use such things as FC, they buy original, and everyone knows that games that are released in japan can’t be played on an American N3DS, so… let’s wait until the American version is released.


  3. r4 is not illegal nintendo lost that lawsuite a year ago. R4 can use homebrew so people might make a patch using the R4, probably custom fw like Psp.


  4. No way! I thought Nintendo were doing all they can to stop hackers, and R4 cards are already compatible with the 3DS?! At least it’s only DS games that can be played on them, though, and if an exploit which allows people to play 3DS games on an R4 is released, they can forget about using StreetPass and SpotPass, as one update could render the device permanently unplayable, should illegal software be noticed on the system.


      1. i agree with anonymous :-) if nintendofan1992 can afford to keep buying overpriced original games then good luck to him , the r4 card allows me to give both my kids the latest games without having to pay twice for like i say overpriced games.


  5. The DS is already doomed from the piracy. If anything this means more system sales.
    However, it WILL degenerate into a war between pirates and companies when 3DS backups will be playable.


  6. As a longtime owner of an original R4, this is AMAZING news to me! R4 is one of the BEST devices ever! I am absolutely STOKED at the notion of being able to obtain whatever games the 3DS library will have in store. Saving money is saving money. I’m not going to waste my money when there are offered devices that will save me money.



  7. I have an r4 card and i think it would be great if they came out with one for the 3DS. The thing is, i got mine in mexico.


  8. I wouldn’t think it would be that hard to have done. If the 3DS is backwards compatible I am guess all they would of had to have done is found out how the DS games are booted and worked from there or they may have got lucky from the start with the 3DS reading the R4 as a DS game. This has nothing to say about the 3DS piracy measures as it does the way the 3DS reads it’s games.

    I have an R4 too btw which I use to play my backup images of games I’ve bought so the DS games themselves so I don’t need to carry all of them around and so the games themselves don’t get damaged, so I am happy that my games can stay safe in their cases a bit longer.


  9. WOW! It’s only been like what, 3 or 4 hours since the 3DS has been released in Japan and now these losers come up and rip all the parts and peices and, voila, a new R4 3DS…. a new record for the R4 team. As for Nintendo…that’s kinda embarassing :/


    1. read my name also fuck you i want free nintendo games i want to hack my 3ds its nintendos fault for noth making a 3ds do what a R$ card does!


  10. It´s good for all of us Nintendo makes u happy like hackers does u see… Nintendo want´s u to be happy whit there device so that there can earn more fame come on people look on it in a smart way Nintendo and Hacker´s help u safe a lot of money and the best of all is that it keeps u so happy :) :D ;) :)


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