Nintendo 3DS: Sony PSP Outsells The Nintendo 3DS In Japan

The Sony PlayStation Portable has successfully managed to outsell Nintendo’s 3DS console in Japan according to recent sales data.

Sony’s PSP manage to shift an impressive 58,075 units whilst Nintendo only managed to shift 42,979 units which is a drop off of 8,000 from the previous week. The sales boost has been attributed to a new new dating sim called Amagami which sold 67,221 copies. Do you think this surprising feat will last?



  1. I don’t know for sure but, could this have something to do with the recent disasters happening in Japan?
    I doubt people will buy a 3DS when their house is gone :/

    1. I don’t think I would want to buy a PSP when I’ll need the money to buy blankets and such when my house is gone.

  2. Come the summer, the 3DS should see a boom in sales, i bought one myself, and realized….All the games that i want come out in 2 or 3 months! so in essence Im only using the camera option right now and playing Black Version, a DS game. So when Starfox, Kid Icarus, Zelda, and all the others come out in the summer releases, the 3DS should see a lot of buyers by that time. Also after the Internet Browser update we may see an extra boost in sales.

    1. forgot to mention possible monster hunter release later as well! (The only reason i have a psp is for that game and if its not psp exlusive anymore then well…..)

    2. Same here, I got my 3DS pre-ordered, but deciding what game to get for it was tough because I didn’t want any of the release games.

  3. Software sell hardware. Nintendo are just being nice to there 3rd party developers and let them have there piece of the hype-cake. Nintendo knows that Mario (Kart, Bros) and Zelda will be successful…

    1. i have been saying this exact same thing since launch and people just ignored me especially Sony fanboys who knew it was true and just ignored what I said because they wanted to use the Japanese sales figures as reasoning for predicting the death of the 3DS…

      BUT in my opinion ALL 3 games are done they just don’t want a repeat of the DS where Nintendo 1st games sold millions and 3rd party games that didn’t have a following from being a sequel or remake (FF/DQ) didn’t particularly do well so fix this Let the 3rd party put some launch games out and in a couple months when the sales start to slow BLAM! OoT I have no doubt that they have planned ahead but it seems like most media outlets want to write off both the Wii and the 3DS as passing fads or optical suicide when nothing is further from the truth…… My prediction wait until E3 when other sites are gonna act surprised when Nintendo once again steals the show.

  4. Currently, the PSP has a much better library than the 3DS. There was a lot of hype with the 3DS, but nothing to back it up after said hype wore down. Once the bigger titles come around, I’m sure global sales will pick right back up.

    1. What library of games for the psp? Maybe in Japan not here in America. I still think the PSP is hot garbage. The DS has a whole bunch of good games in the US & Overseas.

  5. The 3ds is an amazing piece of hardware, but let’s face it, there aren’t enough decent games for it now. the only people who will buy it will be those smart enough to realize how tough it will be to get one in a few months when Nintendo pulls out the big guns. Im having fun playing Rayman for now, but it’s easy to see that its minority game library is dragging the 3ds down.

  6. I agree, RandomGuy. The launch games aren’t great and I just wanted this new piece of SUPER AWESOME technology, before it sells out.

  7. I really don’t know, but from some info i see on news, anime cartoons and some chatting with friends, this japanneses dudes are kinda…. hmmm.. kinky. They have some affinity to this dating or sensuos games. You got to admit it, they do are a little kinky.
    That’s why that dating game has gotten this popular. Just think in a game like that for the 3DS and it’s street Pass feature!?… would be a BOOM, and everyone would want it, because this feature. But… well, i guess Ninty has nothing of this yet.

    But just wait and see.


    1. When love+ comes out for the 3DS those kinky dudes are gonna go crazy!!!
      Besides the reason the 3DS isn’t selling as much is because the launch titles are not that great. I mean Most of the Japanese ppl had the original super street fighter 4 for months before it came out in the rest of the world, then they probably bought it for their different consoles. Also, most of the games lack content (hopefully dlc will keep them alive) but SWC is going great for me :)

      MY analysis is that sales will boom when the AAA titles come out around summer. Mercenaries is one game people have been dying for. Then their the first party developer games as well (OoT, KIU, for example).
      Also if MH is ported around the same time then sales will go boom!!!!

  8. And immediately everyone posts hate comments about Sony because they like Nintendo more and are trying to save face for them.

    Regardless, the reason is most likely just how new the 3DS is. As soon as Ocarina of Time comes to 3DS, things should be as expected.

  9. Well first off in response to a few of the comments above it has absolutely nothing to do with the disaster in Japan. That doesn’t even make any sense.

    One thing I do know though, is that Japanese gamers love dating/life sims like this. Its a cultural phenomenon that never made the transition across seas.

    Plus we can also atribute this to the 3DS’s less than satisfactory launch lineup. However I think we can expect things will turn around when the big games start getting released.

    And there’s still that “Love+” game that was announced at a Japanese Nintendo conference a while back.

  10. The PSP is only selling because it already has a lot of games out, while the 3DS still needs a Monster Hunter, Final Fantasy, Mario, Zelda or Kirby to sell huge there. Give it time. :)

  11. Lol at people saying it’s ‘cos of the disasters in Japan. Why would the disaster affect 3DS sales but not PSP sales then?

    I’m guessing the main reason is because the 3DS is lacking some big first-party launch titles (Mario, Zelda, Metroid, etc), compared to the PSP’s allready developed library (deny it all you want, but the PSP is *the* platform for JRPG’s at the moment) being bolstered by the aforementioned dating sim which is apparantly hot stuff over there. Greencheese is right, come Summer-time the 3DS will probably get a big increase in sales.

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