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Nintendo: Coro Coro Magazine Reveal New Pokémon Game

We all knew that Coro Coro magazine were going to reveal a new Pokemon game sometime this month but what we we didn’t expect it to be was a revised edition of Japanese arcade game Pokémon Battrio. The game is exclusive to Japanese arcades and has been out for a number of years. Hopefully Coro Coro are just teasing us and there is going to be a brand new Pokémon game for the Nintendo 3DS or the Nintendo Wii announced soon.

Pokémon Battrio requires you to collect real life circular chips, by purchasing them, to use in the game. The chips contain Pokémon that you use to battle and new Pokémon from Black and White will be part of the update.


16 thoughts on “Nintendo: Coro Coro Magazine Reveal New Pokémon Game”

  1. Hey Sickr, you’ve made a HUGE mistake, Coro Coro hasn’t revealed this game, Degenki has. We’re still waiting on Coro Coro’s reveal.

  2. This isn’t a new game, just incase you didn’t know. :P Battrio actually has been around for awhile, these are just some new additions to the line, not the new game either magazines were talking about. I’m expecting it to be revealed at E3

  3. sorry to say but this sounds lame :( i was hoping for some remake of R/S or Colloseum and XD! FFU

  4. Well, I was actually expecting it NOT to be a R/S remake or the 6th gen…. it’s just too soon. I haven’t even played B&W yet =P

  5. Guys let’s not kid areselves, when was the last time a pokemon game was announced at E3? they wouldn’t waste their time

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