Nintendo: Capcom Announces That It’s Going To Cut Nintendo 3DS And Nintendo Wii Support

Capcom shared details on its sales expectations for the current fiscal year today and subsequently announced that it’s set to cut Nintendo Wii and Nintendo 3DS support and instead provide more support for the Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3. The Nintendo 3DS and the DS will see a slight cut in the number of titles produced whilst the Nintendo Wii will suffer a significant drop this year with only two titles being made. Has Capcom made a wise decision or a glaring error?



  1. Capcom: Yay! Lets release Okamiden in between Pokemon B+W and the 3DS and no hype whatsoever!

    Capcom: Boo! Nobody bought the game! WHY!?

    I just hope that Wright vs Layton fixes this problem.

  2. I can understand the cut for the Wii, it’s sinking faster than the titanic especially sine the announcement of Project Cafe, but to cut supply for 3DS, a growing platform, is just stupid.

  3. That article is bs……………

    All that shows is the first year amount of capcom support for the 3ds. How could it drop when theres never been anything before it?

    A gamer should want as many games as possible, from as many different genres as possible,on as many different systems as possible,for as many people as possible

    1. uuu not even close wayyy to many to list Rare being bought out by Microsoft. Square Soft and Enix Merging. THE WII. Motion Controls. anything else I missed

      1. >Rare being bought out by Microsoft
        >Square Enix
        >The Wii, and motion controls

        Oh, you missed the part where you don’t really know what you’re talking about, years and years and years (and even more years) after the facts.

  4. They cut support for the wii and ds because its on the way out.

    They did not cut support for the 3ds. In fact theres more capcom 3ds support than the ds had its first year.

    They didnt mention the 3ds at all. Its only the first year so How could support go down? It cant. The article is stupid

  5. It’s not like this sickr comes up and goes, “I’m going to make some controversial article today!” Sickr just reports the facts, he/she doesn’t make ’em up.

  6. “Sickr just reports the facts, he/she doesn’t make ‘em up.”

    Thats exactly what they did.

    They took 1 capcom numbers line and made an assuption with no base in reality

  7. If I get a Monster Hunter on either Cafe or 3DS, a new Breath of Fire on either Cafe or 3DS, and a Saturday Night Slam Masters on either the Capcom could fire itself into the moon for all I care.

    …heck, 2 out of 3 and I’d be happy.

  8. Final statement:

    This article took 1 giant assuption and made a headline.

    3ds/ds support went down. Which do you think actually went down?

    The system that just came out so support cant go down because its at point 0. Or the system that just got replaced?

    It was like saying when the ds just came out

    gba/ds support went down…………………..

  9. Nintendo doesn’t promote their third party partners. It’s no wonder Capcom droped em!

  10. Stealth apparently has never heard of failures or was not alive (like i assume) during the good old Sega and Virtual boy years were that **** lost support right in the first year. Its not impossible for something to lose support quickly.Improbably but not impossible. **** riding imo

    1. I dunno about SEGA (since you aren’t being so specific. Thanks a lot for that BTW) but the Virtual Boy lost support in it’s first year because it was ****. It was rushed out, it didn’t have a lot of thought or development behind it, (most of Nintendo was focusing on the N64 at the time) and it tanked hard and fast. The 3DS really has nothing other than a limited launch as it’s problem. And that’s no reason to drop support on a console or handheld. Take the PS3. It had a terrible launch. And yet, just how many people are still supporting it now and how many games does it seem to have?

      1. I am not saying it’ll completely tank but it can lose support
        Amiga, CD32 ,Atari Jaguar ,Sega Saturn all started to lose support in its first months, CD-I lost it before it even came out.

        1. They lost support do to policy agreements. Not lack of sales. The 3DS has been out about 1 month. Capcom titles are still surfacing for the system. So to say they cut something is to say they canned a project that they did not even announce. Wii support I believe. 3DS support I do not. No way they are going to not support a system with the LOZ and KI already announce and let their competitors Namco take all the Hardcore market, while they sit back and continue to produce software for systems that will soon be outdone.

  11. Cut support to 3DS…. and the million seller SSFIV 3D? succesfull sales it’s not enough proof for put more effort in that platform?

  12. All I read from those numbers is
    3ds/ds is going from 11 to 9
    And this past year there were 3 ds titles and in 2012 as of now theres 0

    In 2012 since there will only be 3ds titles (theoretically) If it goes from 9 to lets say 5 in 2013, THEN thats all attributed to the 3ds. Then it would be appropriate to say the 3ds had a drop in support.

    And I was alive for the atari and currently own over 50 game systems. You tell me what I remember

    1. Again, you’ll notice from the figures that Capcom are increasing software output for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 and decreasing output for Wii, 3DS, and DS

  13. Are they still going to release RE Mercenaries and Revalations?

    What about Monster Hunter?

    WHY CAPCOM? WHY?!?!?!?!

  14. 3DS sales are slow for 2 reasons:
    Price, and lack of quality titles (including first party).

    I thought that the 3DS was a little on the pricer side. I bought one, yet do not have a single 3DS game. My first will be OOT. There is also a lack of the virtual store, which I find hard to believe that Nintendo is letting it be like 2 months before releasing it. There is not a good reason to purchase it yet, other than to see what the glasses-less 3D is about. Mine’s been a petometer since day one, and only played DS games on it, along with face raiders and AR Cards. I have somewhat stopped playing those, since I don’t like to rotate my handheld while playing, and can’t play where I would normally play it– on a train. People are waiting for quality titles and the store, so it’s easy to see why people have have not purchased it yet.

    1. ya i agree except i bought 1 game with my system and i play my ds games more and the shop is only 2 weeks away and like 3 days and ya faceraiders should have a classic modde where the nub can rotate u if ur on a train

  15. Capcom alll I care is for a viewtiful joe and another okami that’s it. The rest of their games get old. I bought street fighter 3ds and yet sold it, got bored after a while.

  16. Capcom can’t possibly cut support for the 3DS. That is insane!!! I agree with others that the 3DS is overpriced, but I bought one anyway. Nintendo should have released it in June to launch with the eShop update and Zelda OOT 3D. The numbers will pick up when their killer titles (Zelda, Kid Icarus, Star Fox) star being released. I also bought the Virtual Boy when it came out and loved it. I still play it from time to time, but I agree with others that Nintendo rushed it and poorly managed its launch. I just hope the 3DS does not suffer the same fate.

  17. i asked Capcom on twitter and they told me that its not true and they have plenty of upcoming games for Nintendo 3ds ( @oj_sarraj )

  18. As a nearly lifelong Nintendo fan, I want to say foolish… but times change. Cap has always seemed to concentrate on “serious gamers” while Nintendo is clearly marketing to casual players with the Wii. Serious gamers go for serious graphics, and the Wii, on a purely graphical level, is no match for PS3 or Xbox360.
    Some other companies already ignore Wii when releasing new games, so this isn’t as much of a shock as it would have been 5 or 10 years ago.

  19. I don’t think they should cut 3DS support, but I totally understand cutting the Wii’s. The system “died” quite some time ago. It didn’t have the power it should have had at launch. Now Project Cafe, on the other hand, just might deserve the support.

    1. Lack of power didn’t prevent Capcom from moving development of Monster Hunter Tri from the PS3 (so I understand) to the Wii.

      Developers don’t always look for power or graphics, and those that rely too much on the latter to sell games deserve everything they get. Games should be about breaking new borders and creating new playing styles and giving gamers new experiences.

      I hated this last generation for the 360 and PS3 being praised for giving the same sort of experiences in a higher resolution while the Wii gets criticised for actually trying something different.

  20. My Nintendo News just lost a lot of respect from me for publishing this false story. Where’s your fact checking? If people can’t trust you to publish only facts then there’s no reason to get the news from you.

  21. How can they do this? Nintendo allowed them to get as much grounding by letting them sell SSF4 at launch. Sure 3DS sales are slow but everything has gone in Capcom’s favour so far. Plus they delay Prologue to MML3 even going as far as to say that if it doesn’t sell well, then no MML3. Another bad move, especially if people buy it but it doesn’t meet their number and no actual game. Then they announce a crappy MH game for Iphone, plus they plan to port MHp3rd to both New Gay Portable and PS3 with having now consideration to the nintendo MH fanbase. Wow a few days and I’ve lost almost all respect for Capcom. Then again…. sickr could be wrong.. but I doubt that.

      1. So why the fuk u’re here. This is a Nintendo related site go and dik about sony and their lameness somewhere else…

      1. fanboys are the lame ones….almost lame as the ones calling names like little children……nintendo 3ds will have great games and ok graphics and psp vita will have ok games and kick ass graphics all depends on what your preference is….so lets all try to act your age….unless of course your actual age is 13

  22. As far as the Wii is concerned, it’s just a natural progression from Wii to Café. Naturally they’re going to begin cutting off support for the Wii around the end of its lifecycle.

    As for the 3DS, it’s probably just a reaction to sales. When more units are sold with Ocarina of TIme and during the holidays (when the launch is in the past) and they get stellar sales for RE: Revelations, they might change their tune.

  23. So Capcom finally realized that the wii sucks balls and the 3ds is just a gimmick? Good for them and for us ps3 and xbox 360 owners.

    By the way project cafe will be crap too. It will sell buckets, but it will be absolute crap

    1. yeah and the PS3 and MOVE are just simply amazing. Go play with your dild* of a controller fantasising about the NEW GAY PORTABLE

    2. Your so full of shit, The Psp Go suxs, The NGP is going to be an overpriced piece of shit. and if the Wii Motion controls suck so much, why does the Kineck and the SONY Move exist? I swore the Sony move controller was a cheap knock-off of the Wii mote when I saw it on a flea market

      1. The 3DS was overpriced for what it is. NGP actually has features that will make it worthwhile. Kinect is nothing like the Wii’s Motion sensing. Kinect is basically EyeToy but more advanced.
        If anything, Nintendo are the ones that are lagging. When they had cartridges, PSOne had discs. When they had small discs, PS2 and XBOX had full-size discs. PS3 and 360 come out, owait we’re gonna get hardcore gamerz back by making a HD console despite being years late!

        And 3DS? A disgrace to gaming.

        1. ok the debate is on lol ngp is gonna be ok but when 3ds gets its good games they will out sell psp vita but thousands a month…..when it comes down to it i believe its all it want you want..personally i think handheld gaming is slowly changing from handheld to mobile…better the cellphone market the better the mobile gaming market gets so we should just wait and see….

  24. Why do you think Nintendo is quick to get Project Cafe off the ground? It’s because 3rd party devs can’t make squat for Wii or DS markets. That marketplace is a mile wide but an inch deep. Maybe 2-3 titles attached to each system.

    It’s the core gamers that buy multiple games.

  25. The wii cuts don’t surprise me. Development will shift to cafe. 3ds did suprise me. Reminds me of cutbacks on gamecube. Bad bad feeling.

  26. If you put more attention on Capcom words you will see the truth, they will support DS and 3DS with less titles on which they think the sales will be bigger, why? because less titles but a lot more quality, and the wii its on its final days so less support is normal, and for the increase on the PS3//xBox 360 just think of it xD PSN and xbox LIVE you can launch more low quality titles or relaunch your old good games, when 3DS e-Shop arrive for sure we will have that support LOL

  27. I’m not surprised about the Wii, its on its last legs, but the 3DS? What about thoes millions of copies you sold on that new street fighter 3D game?

    1. Street Fighter 3D was pretty much the only launch game that stood out. That’s why it sold so much – customers had nothing else worthwhile to get.

  28. Well, hey. In my opinion everyone wins.

    PS3 and 360 players get some Capcom games, Capcom won’t be wasting money by producing games for a dying console (Wii), and any games that go on the 3DS will be better because more focus would go on them. Less is more.

    You’re all acting as if Nintendo’s lost TOTAL support from Capcom – they’re making 2 less games. Calm the fuck down.

  29. I guarantee that’s a typo. Capcom will not cut support for the 3DS. Street Fighter was the first game to reach one million in sales for the 3DS, or at least the first 3rd party game to do so. (Nintendogs + cats may have been first) I guarantee they dropped the DS, not the 3DS. Chibi Okami is their swan song. It doesn’t have to do with sales. The same is true with the Wii. They dropped the DS and Wii because of the 3DS and the Cafe. They are moving on to the new consoles. Logical.

  30. Well that’s ok, capcom’s good games from recent years where on playstation and xbox anyways.

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  32. Wii and 3DS is for fags (sticks the controler up ypur ass) not a serious gamer. What great games does nintendo have, bowling, workout videos, please. Hardcore games want serious good games,id rather see games from cacom on a360 and I hate microsof shitty system. Besides RESIDENT EVIL IS ALWAYS BEEN BEYTER ON PS1,PS2,PS3.So,hurray for cap
    com for sreing the reality of it all. Nintendo pussies

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