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Nintendo: Mahito Yokota Composing New Zelda Titles

The composer behind the critically acclaimed The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D and The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword has been revealed to be none other than Super Mario Galaxy composer Mahito Yokota. The news was revealed during the latest Iwata Asks segment and will inevitably be well received by the Zelda community as the soundtracks for the Super Mario Galaxy games were nothing short of amazing.


19 thoughts on “Nintendo: Mahito Yokota Composing New Zelda Titles”

  1. Well, if his musical prowess on the Super Mario Galaxy games is any indication, then Ocarina of Time 3D and Skyward Sword’s music should be amazing!

    Wait a minute, does this mean that they’re redoing the music for the OoT remake?! EPIC! *dies of epic overdose for the umpteenth time this year* Aw, dammit, there I go again…At any rate, now I want that game more than I did before!

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  3. Interesting. I find this good, but I must have either read the title summary too quickly, or gotten the wrong meaning from it.

    At first sight, it sounded like it was reveal of new Zelda title. Now re-reading it, it still sounds like he is composing music for new titles, which I still seem to interpret as composing music for new titles yet unannouced. I guess I’m just looking for another new Zelda game besides OOT, Skyward Sword and the possible 3D remake of LttP.

  4. All the gameplay videos for OoT 3D so far have had the classic N64 music. I guess the gameplay in those videos was from prototype cartridges that didn’t have the new music, then?

    1. Probably. But hey, at least we’re getting remastered music for the 3D remake, which I’m EXCITED AS ALL HELL about! (For the record, I’m the biggest Zelda nerd EVER and I’m also a music nerd, so this is essentially one big nerdgasm for me. :P)

  5. Does mean I should expect the same orchestra behind the Mario Galaxy games’ soundtracks as well?

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  7. So… No Koji Kondo? But he made all the iconic music that’s part of Zelda today…

    Yokota better damn well have some memorable Zelda sounding music up his sleeve and not make it just sound like Galaxy.

  8. As a student and fan of music, I REALLY hope this doesn’t just turn out to be optimization of the N64 sound for the 3DS hardware.

    Finished copies were already sent to reviewers with no changes/enhancements mentioned, so chances are we won’t get it either. However, I dare to dream.

  9. He did a stunning work in the Mario Galaxy series, I hope to see amazing orchestral music in Ocarina of Time 3D and Skyward Sword.

  10. I’m pretty sure it has been confirmed that the Ocarina of Time 3D music is directly from the original games, no changes.

    Definitely not a remixed score.

  11. Perhaps Koji Kondo is still writing the music, all Mahito is doing is composing it all together?

    If not then its not a huge loss as I am sure Koji will have Nintendo on his case if he doesn’t remain fathful to the series. LoZ is all about constructing a powerful experience so I am adamant that we shant be disappointed lol

  12. Holy Lord. I so hope it does have remastered music. Even if its the same songs. In fact I’d prefer they don’t change anything. Just PLEASE make it have a reorchestrated track. I would kill for that. and I don’t understand why Koji Kondo isn’t doing skyward sword!!! Maybe he’s busy working on Mario 3DS

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