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Nintendo Wii 2: Online Buzz Is High For Project Cafe, But Interest Is Mixed According To Nielsen

We already know that the buzz surrounding Nintendo forthcoming console is reaching fever pitch, but how many people are thinking about purchasing the console?

According to consumer research group Nielsen “buzz” for Project Cafe pre-E3 is significantly higher than buzz for Project Natal/Kinect at a similar point before last year’s show. Nielsen has also revealed that interest in the console is also higher than that of the Nintendo 3DS before it launched in March. The dissapointing news is that only 27% of surveyed individuals said they’d be interested in buying Project Cafe within six months of release, compared to 25% and 24% for Microsoft and Sony’s currently unannounced next-gen efforts. Clearly these alleged figures will change dramatically once the console is shown for the first time at E3 next week.


7 thoughts on “Nintendo Wii 2: Online Buzz Is High For Project Cafe, But Interest Is Mixed According To Nielsen”

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  2. Once E3 hits that will change, if they show off an HD Nintendo with better online, and a controller that’s satisfactory for hardcore gamers, who wouldn’t buy that. Nintendo is usually reasonable with their prices, if this is affordable people will be lining up for it.

  3. I don’t even see how someone can decide. Little to nothing has been confirmed on any other console, and the Wii sales outnumbered the PS3 and Xbox360 sales put together. I think Project Cafe will have a similar audience, as we’ll find it has a lower price than it’s competitors (I would assume), which will draw the casual fan base back to Nintendo.

  4. A new Nintendo Home Console – Regardless of it’s name, appearance, features, power, price or release titles; An instant ‘day one’ purchase for me.

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