Nintendo Wii U: The Wii U’s Disc Format Will Hold A Whopping 25GB Of Data

Katsuya Eguchi, one of Nintendo’s chief game designers, has told online gaming publication Kotaku that the Wii U’s disc format will hold 25GB of data which means the disc format would hold enough information to fill a Blu-ray disc. Nintendo already announced that “a single self-loading media bay will play 12-centimeter proprietary high-density optical discs for the new console.” Nintendo also confirmed that the Wii U will support external USB hard disk drives for expanded storage capacity.


  1. I know this doesn’t belong here but I’m tired of lookin for it.

    I downloaded zelda: links awakening and its awesome! It would be more awesome if I knew how to save it. Anyone know?

    1. No, good. Those are slow and would make the system more expensive. You can use your own HDD, stop whining.

  2. That is a lot. Some games don’t even use up much space and they just put on another game to use up some of the space, example: Bioshock on Bioshock Infinite Disc

    Imagine what content the new Smash game could have with that much space. I doubt they would need a dual layer disc this time unless they have a lot of content. Sadly I guess the Smash game isn’t even in development just yet. Sorry for going off topic there.

      1. Well, the PS3s that have backwards compatibility can play PS1 and PS2 games. So you never know.

        1. The PS2 backwards compatibility was very limited though. It was pretty much dropped straight away here in Europe; not good. At least the Wii U will still play Wii games without restriction.

  3. Now, if they could just get it to play Blu-ray, Nintendo would put Sony out of business.

  4. That’s huge…. developers these days rarely use that much for the PS3. LA Noire, for example, fit on one PS3 disc. It took 3 360 discs. And I was hoping for at least a 10 GB disc!

  5. This is lovely. It’s the exact same as Blu-Ray, so I really hope they just use that format. Make it a Blu-Ray player, Nintendo! Don’t be stupid! If they made it Blu-Ray, I don’t think it’d be Sony that went out of business. It’d be Microsoft that’d be hurt. The other two systems would offer Blu-Ray. Microsoft instead would use Zune to stream HD. Man, I really hope this means they’re using Blu-Ray and not their own, odd format. Use the standard!

  6. @Brian

    The Wii U isn’t using Blu-Ray, but if it did, how would it hurt Microsoft? It would hurt Sony because it would take that advantage away from the PS3 of being a Blu-Ray player. A lot of PS3 sales were solely to use it as a Blu-Ray movie player. If the Wii U also played Blu-Ray movies, it wouldn’t hurt the 360 in the slightest bit, but it would negatively affect PS3 sales. It would take away a reason of owning the PS3 over the Wii U.

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