Nintendo Wii U: The Wii U Can Support 2 Wii U Tablet Controllers According To Nintendo Of America President

In a strange turn of events, it now appears as though the Wii U will be able to support two Wii tablet controllers.

Industry analyst Michael Pachter claims that he spoke to Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime who informed him that the Wii U will feature support for two Wii U tablet controllers. Shigeru Miyamoto previously stated to gaming press that the “basic premise is that you can use one with a system.”

“They were particularly unclear about whether the console would support more than one of their tablet-like controllers; Mr. Miyamoto said no, but Reggie said yes (to me in a meeting),” said Pachter. “Obviously, they intend to ship the console with only one of these controllers, so it is unlikely that anyone will develop games that require two, but they were not clear whether the capability exists.”

– Michael Pachter



  1. What the ruddy hell is up with this pachter guy? Is he bipolar or something? One minute nintendo is shit and can’t do squat, the next they are the best in the world and now this? The hell?

  2. I think Pachter is great at what he does. He tends to take an unbiased look at whatever Nintendo’s doing, and is straightforward with his opinion. He doesn’t often sit on the fence, which means he often has something to say. But I like him.

  3. If this is true and the WiiU truly can support 2 iiU ‘tablet’ controls, then there shouldn’t be complaints! Many people argued that in the demos we’ve seen so far there’s only one WiiU controller and because of thet, they won’t buy it. OK! Now there’s no pretext, so! LET’S BUY IT ALL hahaha!

  4. A bit of a reversal there, but I’m okay with it. As long as the console isn’t too expensive, I won’t complain.

  5. I would think that 4 would be superior for the FPS games. Think about it, NO radar or cheating techniques from the typical split screen. Man that would be killer. The TV could be the radar or just a leaderboard while all the action is on the controller.

  6. surely the developers would know by now whether the system can support 2 or more controllers

  7. Nintendo probably doesn’t want to sell the new Wii U controller separately because the cost might scare off consumers. However, in the future I would like to see a Wii U bundle with two “tablet controllers” and a console-exclusive top-rated game that utilizes this type of gameplay (one-on-one using the TV and two new controllers with both players having the same advantage; or 3+ multiplayer with several different perspectives, including online). If they could price this package under $450 to start, and later drop the price, then Nintendo will be able to offer even more completely unique experiences than it’s already brought to the floor.

  8. I think 1 will be enough and could use the wiimotes for the remaining controller and players. Talk about going green and not getting rid of them.

  9. As long as the functionality for 2 Wii U controllers exists, there shouldn’t be too many issues with multiplayer. Perhaps a 3rd would be ideal (3 personal screens, 1 TV screen), but it’s honestly not a dealbreaker for me. If 3 personal screens are too much traffic for the system, no biggie.

    I also don’t mind it only being a pack-in with the system as long as the functionality exists. If it comes to market and can only use one, then wii have a problem. (See what I did there?)

  10. this guy does not deserve to speak to such gaming legends,hope this guy dies in a house fire

  11. It is possible the raedon supports way beyond 1600 for dual screens so it still has enough power they just need to put another receiver in the box or have a USB add on for it.

    It’s not needed yet but specs are not final ethier.

  12. I honestly don’t care if it supports only one. I know I won’t want to buy another one. Anybody else who wants to play can use the Wiimote (not that that’s bad) :p

  13. It won’t be so bad if it can only use one tablet. I personally think they will max it at 2 tablets.

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