Nintendo Wii U: Peter Moore Says He’s ‘Very Optimistic’ About Nintendo’s Online Plans For Wii U

EA Sports president Peter Moore has spoken in depth with the developers at Nintendo and has come away suitably impressed after hearing the company’s plans for its online offerings with the Wii U. Moore believes that Nintendo are well aware that the future is online, and they’re desperately trying to deliver a good online experience for consumers.

“Nintendo has recognized the future is connected. The future is online. The future is about building powerful communities,” said Moore. “They know they have to do that, and certainly with the conversations I’ve been in with them I’m very optimistic. We all need to help them, which we’re all willing to do. When I say ‘we’ I mean developers and publishers bringing their best practices.”

“I think it would be great to have three, powerful online game networks going at it with each other.”




  1. When he said “we all need to help them,” it felt a bit like a telethon for Nintendo. :P

  2. I just don’t see why some developers are more like Peter Moore here. Dive in–the water’s fine! Besides, we’re going to NEED the Wii U to make console gaming survive. We’re heading for modern video game crisis soon. All these other “maybe’s” I’ve been hearing from some 3rd-party developers about Wii U shows their priorities are in the wrong place. JUMP on this! Eighth generation gaming will belong to Nintendo because they realize there’s coming a storm of trouble for the ways other guys strategize.

    Simply amping up horsepower won’t save Sony or Microsoft in the eighth-generation of consoles. That’s because graphics are arriving at a temporary plateau in both console and PC gaming, until hyperrealism arrives to PC gaming in 10 years (if we’d even WANT hyperrealism–some folks get freaked out with the uncanny valley). In other words, it’ll take much more than simply making better graphics as your strategy, because frankly, you WON’T be improving much beyond the Wii U’s graphics.

    Nintendo said that thought HD graphics is important, it’s not their main strategy with Wii U. They could’ve gone HD 6 years ago, but purposely waited for the HDTV market to grow first. The Wii U has better HD graphics than PS3, with a level of horsepower that’ll last the whole eighth-generation long. But the TRUE focus is how their console contributes new experiences to gaming–its increased entertainment value over the current-gen consoles. The Wii U controller is just a very good idea. In fact, it’s such a good idea that it’s already being copied–Sony’s already said that they will copy Wii U by using Vita as a Wii U-like controller with PS3.

    People will need new good ideas and better game dev costs to survive this next generation of consoles, because we won’t see significant jumps in console graphics for a long while and game development for anything greater than Wii U hardware will be hell to pay. I’m talking $60 million game dev costs, expensive consoles where only half its power gets used (PS3 has yet host a game that goes past half its total power). Wii U was designed to maximize game ideas while minimizing game dev costs. It’s very powerful, but not overkill. I can only imagine what unused horsepower a super-amped PS4 would feature, never to be fully used due to insanely high game dev costs.

    But to be fair, Sony did say that the PS3-to-PS4 jump probably wouldn’t be as significant the PS2-to-PS3 jump was. They realize that they can’t keep that expensive strategy up for long. They’ll need innovation and appeal to developers for lower game dev costs to survive, and for Sony, that’s tough. I think Microsoft and Sony will have to take notes from Nintendo, because these two whippersnappers never been through a video game crash before or set as many industry standards like Nintendo has. But instead of becoming originators, I bet you they’ll just do an imitation Wii U with more horsepower. :P

  3. Probably because Nintendo’s allowed EA to use their own servers which means free reign for him…

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