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Nintendo Wii: Is Xenoblade Really Confirmed For A North American Release?

Destructiod is reporting that Xenoblade is finally confirmed for North America. Strangely the source for the news article is a reader who contacted a Nintendo customer service representative. Whether or not this is enough confirmation to publish that the game is officially confirmed for North America is something I’m unsure of. I’d wait for the official word from Nintendo personally. Hopefully we should hear something soon!


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20 thoughts on “Nintendo Wii: Is Xenoblade Really Confirmed For A North American Release?”

  1. Calling bullshit till I hear from Nintendo. This has came far too quickly after the amazon story imo.

  2. if nintendo is really serious about bringing back hardcore gamers for wii u, this would be a good way to show it

  3. Don’t believe the customer service. This is the exact same thing they’ve been saying for over a year now regarding Xenoblade. They did a similar song and dance with Disaster: Day of Crisis saying it was “confirmed for release.” What happened? NoA pulled the rug from localization. I can see a similar scenario here, especially with the E3 Xenoblade fiasco.

  4. Nintendo CS reps have been responding like this for months. All they’re doing is checking the outdated master game list.

  5. Don’t fall for it. Ever since Xenoblade had been announced for a US release a couple of years ago, fans have written to Nintendo asking for info on the game. Everyone has gotten the same response that Monado: Beginning of the World has already been confirmed for US release and that there’s no official world that the game has been cancel.

    I got a slightly different response. It’s shorter than what the others got and apparently they gave up on the whole confirmed Monado game. Instead, they said that they are happy that consumers are demanding what they want. However, the interesting part is that instead of just discarding my e-mail, they said it was put in file, and it was sent to other offices/departments for further analysis. While that doesn’t mean a lot, it certainly mean they are aware of the situation. Awareness is a good thing.

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  7. Nintendo should add these games if not no offense but Nintendo winter line up is going be horrible I mean they only two games I looking forward is skyward and Kirby Wii

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