Nintendo Wii: The Last Story For Wii Is Coming To Europe

The eagerly anticipated Japanese RPG The Last Story is headed to Europe according to Ludovic Amouroux, product manager of Nintendo France. This will undoubtedly come as a blow to American Wii owners who are still awaiting confirmation that Xenoblade will come to the United States. As it stands it doesn’t look like either title will be making its way to the US.



  1. YES!!! Now all we need in Europe is Pandora’s Tower, and I will be a happy. But I do feel sorry for the American gamers. If they are going to release this and Xenoblade in Europe (and therefore the UK), why can’t they just convert it to the NTSC format?

    1. Count me as another who’s pissed off.

      The fact that Europe is getting these games first doesn’t bug me at all. The fact that they could get them while we don’t at all is infuriating!

      A perfect oppertunity for NoA is give the Wii a good last year but they’re wasting it, giving us only Zelda and Kirby (as of right now).

  2. You’ve got to be kidding. Grrr! Stupid region lock! I know its for security and all… but i really want those games!

  3. Yes !!!
    Suck it America ! USA usually get’s all the goodies so now it’s our turn !
    I am sorry pls don’t hate ; )

  4. This is complete bs. Europe is getting everything. I think to be fair we should get skyward sword a week earlier than everyone else. And kirby wii and mario party 9.

    1. @sal

      Getting these games a week earlier than the other regions? Really? That sounds like an even deal for you? MarioPoopPantsParty ShNine?Zelda and Kirby?

      How about they just give the fan’s what they want instead. I will take a chance on these jrpg’s if Nintendo will take a chance releasing them in the west.

      1. @stephan look at it, it seems like we wont get these great games here. Europe and Japan and getting all the love so I say we should get those games earlier. At least skyward sword since they have xenoblade, last story and pandora’s tower coming out in their regions.

  5. While I do feel sorry for the Americans on this subject, I have to remember how badly we used to have it:

    Final Fantasys 1-6, Dragon Quests 1-7 (1-3 & 7 still unreleased), S Mario RPG, Chrono Trigger and Cross (still no cross), Parasite Eves 1&2 (unreleased), Earthbound (none of them), Secret of Mana, Radiant Historia (no word)…

    I’m just saying, Gaia trilogy aside, we usually got/get screwed.

    Oh yeah, sorry America, I feel your pain.

  6. This sucks; not because I don’t like the idea of Europe getting these games, but because these are high profile titles that fans in every region should play. No offense to Europe, but it’s the US, together with Latin America and Canada, that usually buy more of these games, so what is holding them back? Without other high quality games, these games will surely get more attention.

    As a side note, I’d love to play Xenoblade and The Last Story, but I’m far, FAR more excited for Pandora’s Tower! I’m really dying to play that game.

  7. I love Nintendo, I think Iwata and Miyamoto are geniuses and Reggie kicks butt, and I will continue to love them all, but sometimes, I don’t just get some of their decisions, like this one. I mean, WHY NOT a US release as well as the European release of this highly-demanded game? And then if we can’t even order the game because of region-lock. If you’re going to enforce region-lock for security reasons or whatever, then at least release these GAMES in all regions. {sigh} Come on, Nintendo of America, get with it!

  8. Really it would be more of a waste not to port them to America. It’s going to happen I mean what else is in production?

    The petition helps but these are new ips they will need on the wiiu also.

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