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Nintendo Wii U: EA Boss Says Wii U Goes Beyond Anything We’ve Ever Seen Before

EA CEO, John Riccitiello, has told Industry Gamers that he absolutely loves the Wii U’s unique tablet controller and that he’s immensely excited about the numerous possibilities it offers both consumers and developers. EA are apparently just getting to grips with the fact that they’ve essentially got a second screen to play around with and their overwhelmed with the scenarios they can create.

“It’s a high definition platform and I love the controller. I just think it’s cool. You’re a gamer – so you’ve got the screen here [in your hands] and you’ve got the [TV] screen there and you’ve got full control. Personally, while there’s some great experiences on Move, and there’s some great experiences on Kinect, I’m not a motion control guy. It’s still too imprecise for me. I like shooting something and hitting it. I like turning a corner and feeling precision. So I still like my swizzle sticks and my shoulder buttons and my Xs and Os, etc. But there is something about having that second screen that transcends anything I’ve ever done before,” he enthused.

“I can draw a pass pattern for Madden, I can be playing an FPS up here while I’m calling in air strikes or whatever I want to do. I can give all the detailed control off the screen, I can see another part of a map… I always find it breaks the spell for me when I’m playing a game with a squad and I have to stop the action and move up for them. Now I can just move them down here [on the tablet]. I think there’s something really powerful about a second screen that I think really matters. I think we’re just beginning to realize what we can do with it and I think it’s obvious we can do a lot with it.”


28 thoughts on “Nintendo Wii U: EA Boss Says Wii U Goes Beyond Anything We’ve Ever Seen Before”

  1. This just in, Sony and Microsoft announce a secondary screen will be part of their next gen consoles. You know it’s gonna happen. Nintendo blazes the trail and Sony and Microsoft are quick to then follow suit and claim that theirs is a better realization.

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  3. The best part about the online screen… its 1:1 in response to its TV counterpart. I wonder if the Wiimote response has also improved when used with the WiiU?

    The transition from TV to controller is seamless and very smooth.

    1. As do I. I actually had a dream where individuals would be able to control the one-to-one movement of a player on the touchpad. For instance, while playing a football game, you could move the player down the field on the touchpad; or draw a simple geometric shape (circle or triangle, for instance to determine a new play) then continuously draw a new route or pattern instantaneously in real-time as you play the game while concentrating on the large screen. Or you could do the same on the handheld screen when playing on the controller exclusively.

      1. @ RYAN.
        Darn man, You should work for EA Sports WiiU division and make it happen. If that was to happen on Madden NFL 13 I would buy a WiiU in a hartbeat. Im just having trouble seeing one thing tho. How would THQ make there Wrestling games on the WiiU? I am drawing a blank.

    2. Sounds great and all and I anxiously look forward to what they can do. Just make sure the games do the talking for you EA.

    3. HAHHA yeah!!! This guy is a Sony PS player (X’s and O’s) Awesome! But anywho this truly is good news for Nintendo! :)

    4. Im interested in how this works out for nintendo but it kinda reminds of the bottom screen of the ds being the screen on the controller and the top screen of the ds being the tv… but this leads me to a question…
      Will the Screen on the Wii U controller have a mic in it? that could add to gameplay

      and how do i change my picture on this website?

      1. It should, especially if the controller is also used for video chat. The similarities to the DS aren’t far off — this is definitely a super beef-up DS in terms of power and ability, where unlike the DS, you can move the “bottom screen” independently of the “top screen” and thus allow even more gameplay controls.

      2. I was already sold on the Wii U but seeing how this huge 3rd party dev is creaming his pants over it, it really makes you wonder about the possibilities that this new controller can add to gaming! I can sit here for the next few months thinking of what it can be used for and not even come close to what we may see 3-4-5 years down the road. As far as resolution goes, tv’s max out at 720p and 1080p and we already know nintendo is giving us that so now it’s all gonna come down to how powerful(and how many) the custom AMD/IBM chips are after completion. Nintendo still has about 6-9 months to work with them on pricing and specs if they’re gonna stick to their late spring-early summer release. Nintendo won’t even know what their actual power will be for some time. Let’s all just hope that they even surprise themselves when the time comes. I wasn’t even this excited for the Wii, 360 or the ps3 5-6 years ago when they were all getting ready for release. (:

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