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Nintendo: Nintendo President Says Nintendo Will Try And Create ‘Mature’ Games

I’m sure you’ve all heard before that Nintendo titles are aimed towards a younger demographic, and that they simply aren’t for people over the age of eighteen. It’s certainly not true, but unfortunately it’s just the way some ignorant gamers think. But will Nintendo ever create franchise which are clearly aimed towards the older player? Nintendo president Satoru Iwata certainly hopes so.

There are two aspects of the suggestion ‘there should be software which adults can enjoy further’ that I would like to touch on,” he began. “One is that even though such software titles already exist, we have failed to make them widely known.

“And second,” he continued, “because games were originally entertainment mainly enjoyed by children or young men, even though we have been working hard to expand the age range and offer entertainment which can be enjoyed by a wide range of people, we still have more work to do.”

“If I understand your request correctly, you want Nintendo to develop games which fulfil people’s intellectual curiosity by combining culture and entertainment in a clever way, so I would like to consider it as a future challenge for us.”


83 thoughts on “Nintendo: Nintendo President Says Nintendo Will Try And Create ‘Mature’ Games”

    1. They should maybe place this under a brand that echos cool sexy hip crazy extreme emotional to brutal and of course violent.

      Or they could go all hype high tech and social of and make it a dating sim lol. They could call it player player lol.

  1. This means new IPs for the WiiU from Nintendo… next year is going to start odd with a bang. This is the must focus and intense I have ever seen the company and making sure a new console launch is a success and making sure they appeal to all especially the core gamers.

    1. It means mature players, not mature games. But many M-rated games are mature themselves; like Half Life 2, Heavy Rain, etc.

      1. Most gamers I know who play M-rated games do so with the purpose of fitting into that perspective which marketers so cleverly designed, and being accustomed to that perspective. “Mature” with gaming today doesn’t necessarily mean the “mature players”–it’s about selling a “mature” image altogether, to cater largely to people who tend to buy into it. I’m not putting down “M-rated” games here, but let’s face it–MOST adults buy games for the same reasons younger gamers do. It looks cool. The image has attitude. Simply put, it’s propaganda from marketers. Such influence wouldn’t be so bad if people actually thought for themselves, but they largely do not. Marketers are some of the best social psychologists around.

        I would say that even the nature of gaming itself is not necessarily an act of “maturity,” but that on the contrary, we play games to ESCAPE maturity for a while. Not that I’m calling video games immature, but rather I’m saying it’s something where maturity is not truly what’s in question when we play. It’s a matter of tastes. Sure, for some people, their tastes change with time, but the playing video games altogether shows their tastes in topic has changed. But for some, they’re tastes just grows rather than change to one type of taste exclusively. I love Metal Gear Solid, but I enjoy games playing Kirby games, too (and Kirby is about as “kiddish” as you can get aesthetically, but the games are very fun).

        It might be better to say that there is a general change in tastes for many people who tend to play “M-rated” games rather than some real “maturity” going on there. Playing video games achieves no maturity, and that’s okay.

    2. EXACTLY! I, myself, am a very mature person under the age of 13 (not giving out my exact age), and, however I find myself to be SO much more mature than those bozos in my class who walk home every day and see how many people they can murder because they think it’s fun. Games should be rated “I” for “Immature” instead of “M” for “Mature” because that more accurately describes the game and the type of people who play them.

  2. It’s not that Nintendo games should be more “mature”, just less cartoonish. Try detailed and shadowed, instead of saturated and bright

    1. Screw that! We have enough HD games from Sony and Microsoft that do that. Some of us play games to ESCAPE reality and often enough, a cartoonish style is usually what’s needed to pull that off.

      If Nintendo’s going to go that route, they should do that with Metroid and maybe to a lesser extent Star Fox, Zelda or Fire Emblem.

      1. Do you seriously believe that? A cartoonish presentation isn’t even usually required to “escape reality”. First of all, you don’t even need a presentation to escape reality. Daydream. Try it, you might like it. People also find different ways of escaping reality; you don’t speak for the entire world’s population. Maybe you need cartoony graphics to escape reality but others definitely do not. Realistic graphics allow people to escape reality just as cartooney ones do as there is more to escaping reality than the presentation of the substitute reality.

      2. Im with you, I like my games to look like games, this whole graphics war to see who can come up with the more realistic game has gotten way out of hand, I prefer the art of games like loz ww, okami and loz ss is looking amazing! I hope nintendo doesnt ruin a franchise by trying to change it to appeal to a certain audience, remember loz tp, all style and no substance, its not a bad game but it is the worst in the zelda series, learn from ur mistakes nintendo and you’ll go far!

        1. Saying TP is the worst Zelda game is a bit rash. It’s actually up there as one of the bests. Then again, we are two different humans with two different minds and therefore different opinions.

    2. I personally love the bright, vibrant colors associated with Nintendo’s first party games, but more saturated and shadowed art styles have their place as well. I think Metroid could get away with extra detailed textures and shadows, but I still wouldn’t take the beautiful colors away given the choice.

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  4. …I just realized this may be an issue, since no one really shares the same idea of mature content in gaming. Is it sex? Violence? Nudity? Tackling adult issues? What?

    1. I think it means a more darker theme and less cartoonish and happy, not neccesarialy what makes up an M rating.

  5. I hope they just make their next link game a little gruesome then normal,for example chopping of ganondorfs head or something

    1. In the original Ocarina of Time, Link stabs Gannondorf and he pukes up blood all over the place. They later changed it to green in ports and remakes. We still laugh about how funny it is when Gannondorf pukes…. WHAT? IT’S FUNNY! HAVE YOU SEEN IT? HE’S LIKE, “WHAT HOW DID YOU BEAT ME? YOU’RE JUST A “BWELF, BWALLLLLLLLLLLGGGGG!” CHILD!”

  6. Funny how Nintendo can finally admit areas they need to change, but the childish fanbrats still sit here in denial.

  7. What about Metroid? That’s definitely a more mature game and it’s Nintendo’s third most popular franchise. Anywho, I think it’s a good idea, so long as they don’t get carried away. Anything with too much maturity wouldn’t feel like Nintendo anymore :\

  8. I see Nintendo making more Conker’s Bad Fur Day type games. I like mature games, but only the types that have unrealistic humor.

  9. Grand Theft Auto V officially on the WiiU, Xbox 360 & Ps3 and make it a launch title and you got a Day 1 purchaser from me. Make it happen Ninty

  10. I agree with the statements about Metroid and Zelda being more mature. At least Twilight Princess and Ocarina of Time were (don’t get me wrong; I love Wind Waker). We also have to remember that it’s been over a decade since the last first party IP (Pikmin). I’m still halfway on this decision. As long as they make a game that is good, I’ll be fine.

  11. this sounds very intriguing. does this mean we will see games such as zelda and metroid more fleshed out than before or perhaps they might produce R-rated -type games? the term ‘mature’ could mean anything. being a fan of fighting games such as streetfighter, tekken, virtua fighter, i’d love to see them make a fighting game similar to those titles.

    that would surprise many, but also confound critics who lambaste nintendo for their reliance on mario, donkey kong, kirby, metroid, zelda etc.

    i’m happy that nintendo have finally realised that perhaps they need to ‘open up’ to gamers and step out of their comfort zone for once. :-)

  12. If they do, I hope they do it on new IPs and not the current Nintendo games. I like some Mature games, but I do not want a “Grand Theft Mario” like game, where you take a family-friendly character and turn them into a mature one. (Ex. Conker)

    I hate how the world is obsessed with only violence and blood and gore and stuff like that. Like I said, I like some Mature games, but I hope Mature games don’t become the “main course” for gaming. Games don’t have to be mature to be great.

  13. I’d like to see what Nintendo comes up with, and how this may impact their huge series. Now, im just not seeing Mario with a gun, id die if that happened. I think this may have something to do with Metroid and possibly Zelda. I just hope they keep the original feel of the games. Like, what would happen if they decided to make another Super Princess Peach game and gave Peach a sword? That just wouldnt be Mario.

  14. Mother 3 was one of the most mature-theme Nintendo games ever, so if they can make more games like that, they are so good it’s not even funny.

    1. Wait? How’d you– what? That game wasn’t even released in America! What’s the story? I WANT TO KNOW!!!

  15. intergalactic potato

    Metroid is mature. Although they could make it a little more violent. I wouldn’t mind >:D

  16. If this means they’re going to do the same shit Sony and Microsoft did that turned me off of them and make a bunch of shallow-ass military FPSs, dear god am I going to kill something!

    If Nintendo’s going to make an M-Rated game, it better be something similar to stuff like No More Heroes or MadWorld.

    Or they could just go through all of the legal mumbo jumbo needed to buy out the rights to the Battletoads franchise and hand it off to Retro Games to make a new M-Rated Battletoads game but that’s just a ridiculous fantasy of mine.

  17. in case you missed it he is NOT talking about M rated games like we know and love simply games that he THINKS older gamers will enjoy – you know – like your mom and grandmom.

    1. FYI, He never even said the word “Mature” in the entire interview. It’s in the title, but he means mature like, a more mature storyline, not immature, which is what the rating “Mature” essentially means.

  18. Dear Nintendo, if we wanted brown dull MATURE GAMES FOR MATURE GAMERS SUCH AS MYSELF, we’d go play XBOX and PS3 FPS crap. How about making a good Metroid (i.e. 2D) instead? It’s been quite a while!

  19. And I quote:

    “And second,” he continued, “because games were originally entertainment mainly enjoyed by children or young men, even though we have been working hard to expand the age range and offer entertainment which can be enjoyed by a wide range of people, we still have more work to do.”

    “If I understand your request correctly, you want Nintendo to develop games which fulfil people’s intellectual curiosity by combining culture and entertainment in a clever way, so I would like to consider it as a future challenge for us.”

    Its the same Nintendo BS as always. They promise us things with hot button words like “mature” and then pass off Mario Party 10 – fun for the whole family.

  20. I guess Eternal Darkness 2 is as good as confirmed. But seriously, I doubt they would go out of their way to create M-rated games. Mature games doesn’t necessary mean it’s an M-rated game. The Uncharted series is a good example of that.Oh, it’s T-rated in case you didn’t know. Having T-rated titles allows them to sell more. CoD sells a lot because of kids trying to be “mature.”

  21. Some of you dudes are getting a little crazy hear. Do you really think Nintendo would make a game like cod right after Satoru Iwata said he fears thar fps are taking over the west. Of course not and muture does not mean a fps it could mean a bunch of things a mmo,rpg or even a open world game, who knows. I for one am very excited about this and is looking forward for what the future beholds.

  22. “…you want Nintendo to develop games which fulfil people’s intellectual curiosity by combining culture and entertainment in a clever way”

    uh. i was more thinking tits and blood.

  23. How about a platformer, with an RPG like sotry, and war-like gameplay. Maybe a character that has the ability to change into a large selection of materials like water or sand. You could throw fireballs in fire form, and make a sandstorm while in sand form.

  24. This whole “mature” debate is dumb I think. I primarily like games that are fun. I don’t artificially limit myself from playing great games because there’s no gore. Dark games can be fun, e.g. Resident Evil, Majora’s Mask, Metroid, and brighter peppier games can also be fun, e.g. Mario, Kirby etc.

    1. Yeah, a game doesn’t have to be “M” rated, and you don’t have to kill people for a game to be fun like everyone thinks.

  25. I read nothing in that article that attests to Nintendo making “M-rated” games. All I’ve read here is that they want more intellectually-stimulating games for their older audiences. Wanting to make so-called “mature” games and “M-rated” games are not necessarily the same thing. If anything, from what I’m reading here, Nintendo is more interested in reaching a wider demographics of adults than just generally young men, who tend to flock to “M-rated” games. So if Nintendo made “mature games,” I wouldn’t expect something like most are probably thinking here–some mindless gore simulator with little story and catering to bloodlust as its one an only appeal.

    There’s intelligent “mature-themed” games (games aimed at appeal to people of a certain taste typically ascribed to older age), but then there’s sheer mindlessness that one who assume rather sort of immaturity to enjoy. I personally don’t get my kicks from seeing how many ways I can decapitate a monster (or worse, a humanoid). If I’m going to play a serious game, then I need intelligence in my games and emotion-evoking story, something with investment of brainpower and passion behind it. I don’t get that with a Gears of War or Fallout 3–that’s just me. Give me a Metal Gear Solid–though, you can KEEP the upcoming Metal Gear Solid: Rising. I can’t believe Konami’s producing that mindless meat-chopping simulator crap as a MGS game!

    Knowing Nintendo, they’re probably talking about something of a more unconventional route, perhaps something of more sophisticated tastes. To fulfill “intellectual curiosity by combining culture and entertainment in a clever way,” somehow, I don’t think they mean they’re going the route of “God of War.” Just saying.

    1. I think you just hit the nail on the head! You see gaming hasn’t matured as a medium in general like say books or movies. We need a Developer that can implement a Dostojewski like script and some scorsese direction to a game before we can truly say games have “matured” in a real sense. It has nothing to do with blood and guts but with the intelectual properties of the audience! I want to read: this game is rated I!!! And if you don’t have the IQ then don’t bother XD

    2. Yes, like I found Fire Emblem: Awakening to be plenty mature, yet it was rated “T”. See what he’s getting at here?

  26. I’d love some games that actually take skill to complete, which push the Wii U’s capabilities to the limit and make use of all the functions of the console. If the game is going to take only 12hrs for me to experience everything it has to offer then I have no interest in paying full price, I may as well buy one of those disgusting iphone things.
    If released in this manner then I’m buying… regardless of the age rating, art style, marketing, or how other consumers and critics choose to classify them.
    Dear Nintendo, I’m looking to experience a new level of gaming (by way of software content). I’m after some real depth and I crave a challenge, so bring it on.

  27. I still like the idea I heard in a piece of listener mail to Radio Free Nintendo.

    Nintendo starts an outside studio devoted to developing “mature” titles. There would be a North American branch of this studio also responsible for the localization of games like the big 3. Pretty much everything Nintendo wouldn’t bother with themselves, their outside studio would.

    Think of this studio being to Nintendo what Dreamworks has been for Disney (it still exists, btw, mostly as a vessel for Dreamworks films).

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  29. Will it be like the GTA/Mario Kart Crossover Robot Chicken did? Which ended with a Resident Evil/Mario Kart crossover.

    1. I will never know why nintendo made games like tron n transformers war for cybertron so different than the other consoles big mistake in my opinion.

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