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Nintendo 3DS: Nintendo Video Goes Live For Nintendo 3DS In Europe

Nintendo’s recently announced Nintendo Video service has now gone live for the majority of European Nintendo 3DS owners. Nintendo Video allows Nintendo 3DS owners to view a variety of videos in both 3D and 2D via the systems SpotPass functionality. I’ve tried to update the system myself here in the UK but the service doesn’t appear to be available. What does everyone think of the application so far?

Update: It is available in the UK. You need to go to the 3DS eShop.


12 thoughts on “Nintendo 3DS: Nintendo Video Goes Live For Nintendo 3DS In Europe”

  1. Working great with Spotpass and all. But the 3 German videos dont match my taste. Also the number is pretty low remembering all the e3 trailers and the first 3D video..
    Lets see if there will be good videos for this superb plattform.

  2. The third video, a mini documentation of a concert by the german band “Die Fantastischen Vier” has some of the best 3D visuals I have seen in a non-animated production so far.

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