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Nintendo 3DS: Nintendo Officially Cuts Price Of Nintendo 3DS To $169.99 In United States

Wow, didn’t see this one coming so early. Nintendo of America has announced today that it has slashed the recommended retail price of the Nintendo 3DS in the United States to $169.99. The new price is dramatic drop from the suggested launch price of $249.99 and becomes effective August 12th. You now have no reason not to own a Nintendo 3DS.

“For anyone who was on the fence about buying a Nintendo 3DS, this is a huge motivation to buy now. We are giving shoppers every incentive to pick up a Nintendo 3DS, from an amazing new price to a rapid-fire succession of great games.”

– Nintendo of America president, Reggie Fils-Aime

Source: Nintendo of America press release

Update: Nintendo Europe will be cutting the price by a third. More information on pricing as it becomes available.

90 thoughts on “Nintendo 3DS: Nintendo Officially Cuts Price Of Nintendo 3DS To $169.99 In United States”

  1. I know they’re handing out 20 free virtual console games to the “Ambassadors” who will have bought the 3DS before August 12, but I didn’t pay $250 to play games the came out two decades ago. :(

    1. Mario vs Donkey and Mario Kart: Super Circuit came out two decades ago? Must be 2024. How’s the future time traveler?

    2. Just downloaded the “ambassador” games – they launched Aug 31 – and confirming they are lame old console games from 1985!!! Nintendo customer service confirmed they are the 1985 games. What a rip off !! Great if you are a hundred years old and want to relive your childhood, but there is no way these retro games make up for the $80 price difference. So to Supa64 – no time traveling required. I’m really disappointed in Nintendo’s cheapness – what kid would want 10 x 26 year old games (worth $2 bucks each) instead of the 2 brand new 3DS games they could have bought with the $80 difference !….The only people happy about these new games will be those who loved their shoulder pads and big hair 26 years ago! Can’t wait to see the reaction once everyone starts downloading their ambassador games…

  2. Ok I know it’s just what Nintendo wants but I officially want a 3DS now. before I was like it would be cool to have one but not for that much. Now I want one super bad!!!!

  3. I love it. Got my 3DS in March, have now lots of cool games and will get 20 new ones, and some I’m really interested in for free. Plus I’m officially “Ambassador”.

    1. I know, right? haha, people are complaining about having paid an extra 90 dollars, but I’ll gladly support Nintendo in any way I can and now I get games and a cool title to show for it! Sweet!

  4. Got mine at launch worth it and this is a great big F*** You to Sony and the Vita or what some will call a disruption tactic.

    Nintendo punching the competition in the balls one handheld at a time….

  5. …there’s not many Virtual Console games I care to play. They should add some DSi Ware games…those are the ones I’m actually spending money on…unless they add Castlevania, River City Ransom, or some SNES titles. I would buy SNES VC games like nobody’s business. I also want to know if the 20 free VC would be buyer’s pick (like a voucher so you can wait and then get the games you would like) or just a lump sum of VC titles.

    In any case, good move Nintendo. At least they’re making it worth it for those of us that bought it earlier.

  6. Yes, finally. All I need now is over a years worth of games to pass the time until WiiU, and preferably no ports or remakes. Can it be done or am I gonna have to step out into the sun like that time many years ago.

  7. I don’t regret buying a 3DS on launch day. I feel like I was part of something special. Plus, I’m an Ambassador now, I suppose. :) Most of the virtual games that are going to be offered I haven’t played before so I’m at an advantage of sorts. :D

  8. Cool! Want a 3ds since my ds was stolen but couldn’t really afford one. So this will b about €170 here in Ireland and £140(?) in the UK which is really nice.

  9. this feels like a huge fuck you by nintendo, and to make it up theyre offering me games i already have on my Wii and some gba games i still own? Besides this dry spell of any good games i had to endure, and the hefty 250 price tag, this is what theyre offering to me? Fuck you nintendo, im trading in my 3ds and reserving the Vita.

    1. Trading in your 3DS will make lose more money than getting the free games. It’s usually like this with new hardware. Besides, it was your choice to buy a 3DS at launch. I did the same and I don’t regret it one bit. I honestly wish you good luck with Vita and I hope that it gets a lot of games soon after launch. I mean, that’s the reason you’re trading your 3DS in for, right? Good luck.

    2. Did Nintendo force you to buy at launch? This type of a thing is always a risk for early adopters. At least Nintendo cares about its customers and if offering a compensation; not many other companies would do this. Sony wouldn’t.

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  11. And they thought the PS Vita was priced competitivly HAH. Parents arn’t going to pick a 250$ PS Vita that they don’t know about when there’s a 170$ 3DS from Nintendo who most of them know and trust. Add that to the fans of Nintendo that have been on the fence about the 3DS (Or even on the fence about 3DS or Vita)

    1. Yeah maybe in the past but the Nintendo of today, who charge you £230 ($250) for an overpriced minor upgrade with a disgusting amount of battery life and still maintain the fact that its ‘value for money’. Which then follow up a few months later with a price cut (which will probably still be unfair for regions such as Europe and AUS when compared to the US) and offer 20 old games, some of which are very good, but have probably been played multiple times before to those who paid the full price.

      1. If you don’t like 170$ you can happily pay Sony 250$ – 300$.
        Yeah because adding 3D, upping the graphical capibillities, and much more is minor.
        Battery life? Get a Niko Power Pack.
        Those NES games will be getting 3D added to them and will now be portable.
        Problem bro?

      2. I bought the 3ds in march and I don’t regret it at all. I never had a gameboy advance the 3ds is my first handheld since the gbc so I’m pretty excited about the GBA games.

  12. Looks like I can buy this a lot sooner than I anticipated. Although, the huge price drop is s bit random, I’m not complaining. ^^

    1. not sure but they probably should, wouldn’t seem fair having a DSi XL priced at the same price as a 3DS, they’ll probs knock about £20-£30 off it

        1. I hope not untill i trade mine in for a 3ds! Game places will pay lower if they make a price cut on the XL! D:

  13. Why so early Nintendo? Well, if there is something to learn for this is to never buy at launch. Im glad i didn’t buy it.

  14. Regardless of what any of you are saying, deep down YOU DO regret buying the system during it’s $250 price tag. You feel cheated. I told myself I’d wait a year or two for a price drop, but damn, so soon? Now I’ll get to enjoy what you guys have at a considerably lower price! Thanks Nintedo, and thank you public for not buying enough systems and forin the price drop.

    1. Actually I 100% don’t regret it I promise…playing Oot 3d for the first time in 13 years was worth it also playing older ds games I missed out on because I didn’t have a ds also made it worth it and also playing some good old gameboy games also made it worth it.

  15. Yesssss :) Ive always said that it wouldn’t as well because it was too expensive, but now even IM thinking of getting one :D

  16. Excellent! Now release the red flare 3DS in the states and everywhere else. DOOO ITTTT. I’m not gonna shut up about this.

  17. Holy **** on a sandwich. Thank you Nintendo. Now I have even less to save up for. At least $30 for me to save and I’ll get a 3DS :P

  18. It’ll definitely make me consider purchasing one now. At the price it was at, I would’ve rather bought a new home console. Although its sad that the system isn’t selling as well as they thought. That is why the price was slashed. They are 39 million units short of projected sales, although the fiscal year ends in March. Plus they cut current finacial percentages 82% from its previous projection. Plus Playstation Vita will launch at $250 so thats another good reason to cut the price. So everyone get out there support nintendo and get the new handheld! If you have the money of course.

  19. Reasons why vita will fail. Lol this is the funny one. They cut the ram in half so it ciuld be priced competively with the 3ds, well thats no more. Theres a huge price difference, and lastly it will probably wiill yet again be overshadowed like the move.

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  21. I was very surprised that Nintendo 3DS mainly drop the retail price to $169.99 when Nintendo of America industries had announced the new price was automatically drop from suggested launch price of $249.99 and it will become effective on August 12th. Man, I was like,”wow”, and I must say,”Nintendo 3DS officially cut the prices to $169.99?” Thank you for sending me message, Nintendo, I’m really happy and affirmative to get the new eight generation 3D autostereoscope handheld gaming device on Christmas Holiday 2011.

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  23. I think the price cut is necessary because of Vita and the up coming releases of GameLofts low cost glasses free 3D games on Smart Phones.
    And also regarding the 3DS’ battery life IMO.
    Personally, I don’t care that I paid full price for my 3DS, worth it and still playing.

    Vita? Lets hope that their network doesn’t get hacked for another 3 months or so..
    Keh keh keh

  24. Alright, now im gonna get one for sure! We just need more colors
    IMO They should release the red one when Mario comes out and the Green one when luigis mansion comes out, maybe even bundle???

  25. Nintendo made the price cut due to most of the audience not wanting to pay $250 for a brand new system that’s technically in beta mode- and since 3DS sales have slowed a price cut will boost sales. Sadly the cut is costing them money- but thankfully when they have their next outburst of games in the Holidays people will have the systems to buy the games!
    I am going to wait till the red 3DS is released though, by then they should have all the kinks and issues fixed with the systems.
    I love Nintendo! :D

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  41. Nintendo Can Suck a Dick

    Fuck Nintendo ripped me off with the price and now they announce an extra thumbstick for new 3ds’s. We got screwed big time, fanboys dont realize it cuz they dont want to, but we got screwed. Nintendo droped their price to compete with the Vita cuz they are SCARED of it. I remember nintendo saying they wouldnt drop the price to compete acting all tough like they werent afraid. But guess what they were. FUCK YOU NINTENDO, I dont want your shitty 2$ 20 year old games or your piece of shit thumbstick addon.

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