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Nintendo: Former Nintendo President Lost $312 Million In A Single Day

Former Nintendo president Hiroshi Yamauchi has reportedly lost around $312 million due to Nintendo’s stock price taking a sharp drop. Yamauchi is believed to own around 10% of Nintendo’s stock according to Bloomberg. Once upon a time Hiroshi Yamauchi was estimated to be Japan’s wealthiest man. That could well have changed.


25 thoughts on “Nintendo: Former Nintendo President Lost $312 Million In A Single Day”

    1. At one point in time, he worked harder than you in an hour than you work in a year. He had to work his way to the top. Being the wealthiest man (in his day) of a first world country is nothing to laugh at. And he just lost shit loads of money. That he worked hard to make. I’m not saying you SHOULD feel sorry for him, but you are not feeling sorry for him for the wrong reasons.

  1. I hate hearing about how much money companies have. I bet a lot of these them could half what they have and give some to charity. But of course they’d never do that.

    1. You fucking failed so hard. Please tell me you were trolling. I beg.

      First off, where the heck do you see in the post telling us how much money Nintendo has. I’ve read it three times, I shit you not, and I have yet to find the sentence “Nintendo has $_________.”

      And secondly, STOP TALKING LIKE NINTENDO AND OTHER COMPANIES ARE ONE FUCKING PERSON! No, Nintendo CAN’t give half their money to charity without going out business, cause they have a lot of fucking money. Money that they need to do Nintendo things, not to mention paying employees, advertising Nintendo things, and making Nintendo things. So of course they couldn’t do that! If one individual had all the money Nintendo has, yes they should donate to charity. Because a few billion dollars is over kill for one person. And how much money has you donated to charity? How much did you pay to the HIB??

      That ends my nonsensical rant/rage against the sub human lifeform known as teh troll.

  2. What is everyone bitching about?! If you like the 3D, use it! If you don’t like it… Turn it fucking off!!! That shouldn’t affect the sales of the system!

  3. People are saying “oh, it’s just a DSl with minor tweeks” well that’s what the DSl was, plus 3DS has virtual consol and miis and the AR cards!

  4. Damn lot of these news are making it seem Nintendo is struggling badly. I’m sure it’s not that bad.

  5. well keep in mind nintendo previously made lots of money with the wii for years not too long ago. also the ds. so….they can probably afford to take risks like the 3ds price cut and other stuff

  6. He didn’t actually lose the money, it’s only a paper loss! How can you lose money if you don’t sell your stock? Blasphemy!!!!!

  7. the 3ds is amazing(i give the hardware 11/10:P) the simple fact the ONLY reason honestly they would be selling 3ds like mad from start to now, they had a HORRIBLE launch line up im fine with no major titles at launch(maybe one w/e) but honestly none of there launch games were even half decent they were all 1/10 – 4/10 of course zelda 3d is a 10/10 and from what i see so is starfox, super mario 3d, paper mario 3d, mariokart 3d, kid icarus all look atleast 9/10 if any 2 of these games launched with system it would sold like mad i love the 3ds its a shame they have to lower its price and lose mad money

  8. I know this will make me sound idiotic and perhaps asinine, So forgive my ignorance. But how does he lose the money that he already obtained just because the stock price fell? I’d think that he’d just make less if the stock falls but keep the money he already has.

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