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Nintendo 3DS: Paid Downloadable Content Coming To Nintendo 3DS And Wii U

Nintendo president Satoru Iwata has stated that paid downloadable content will come to both the Nintendo 3DS and Wii U. Nintendo most likely won’t offer paid downloadable content but no doubt third-party developers for both systems will. What’s your opinion on DLC?

One investor asked Iwata about his thoughts on paid download content. Nintendo is currently preparing a paid item transaction system for both 3DS and Wii U, Iwata revealed. For 3DS, this will be available to developers by the end of the year.

Nintendo may not end up using this system for itself, though. Later in his response, Iwata said that while pursuing paid download content opportunities would likely increase short term profits, it would not allow them to build along term relationship with customers. Therefor, Nintendo feels that it should not have this type of paid charge system for its own content.

Iwata denied that he is critical in general of the concept of paid downloads. He did, however, question the concept of free-to-play games, where you start playing the game for free and are charged for item purchases. He feels that this type of system would damage the premium value Nintendo’s content.

On the topic of digital downloads in general, Iwata noted that the 3DS internet connection rate is far beyond that of the DS. However, it’s still not at the one hundred percent satisfaction level, and furthermore, only a fraction of those people actually download paid content. He hopes that over the next three years, Nintendo will make the Nintendo e-Shop, the online shop that’s accessible from the 3DS, into a larger presence. He wants this to amount to a more drastic change than something like increasing ten percent from the current five present. Additionally, Iwata said he has a great desire to create a future where players will pay for digital content just like normal with no reservations. This will be a major point for Nintendo over the next three years, said Iwata.


69 thoughts on “Nintendo 3DS: Paid Downloadable Content Coming To Nintendo 3DS And Wii U”

    1. Tanta sabiduría en este post. Pero, TANTA sabiduría…

      Es verdad, Capcom no debería estar a cargo de los DLC. Sería la perdición. La humanidad vería el fin de sus días en este nuestro planeta tierra ;_ ;

    2. Agreed xD It’s like: Introducing an all new map pack for Mercenaries 3D… for the low price of…$25.99!!

    1. It effectively means paying for unique in-game items such as map packs, additional characters etc. DLC is extremely prominent on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

    2. in other word is when you buy a 60 dollars game and they dont put all the content so they can charge for adding maps and extra characters or guns so at the end of the day the game costed 100 dollars

      1. In theory, is supposed to be content that is developed after the game is available on the market.

        But companies like Capcom sold blocked content. If you want that content, you must pay for it. That is.


  1. cool,i dont really mind Nintendo not wanting DLC for their games because they rather give you everything at once rather then most and some later on,although Legend of Zelda Dlc would be cool,for example a dlc temple for a new item,does not have to involve the story,just for fun in a sense,or perhaps they make free dlc for online multiplayer,etc,glad nintendo is accepting dlc in open arms.

  2. Mr. Iwata doesn’t like charging for download content because he doesn’t want to ruin the relationship with Nintendos customers, which I like the sound of. There are games for PS3 and 360 I won’t buy because to get the full game you need to spend a shitload of money on all the extras and by the time your done your spending well over 100 bucks for one game. It would not surprise me if Nintendo does the same with content but at no cost. Kind of an incentive to buying the game new instead of used where each first party title comes with a registration code. Nintendo has always been first class when it comes to it’s customers so now where it’s gonna be possible for downloadable content and they really want to get into online capabilities, I believe downloads will come from them but with no charges. 3rd parties will always stick it to us but I will keep sticking it to them by keeping my money for myself. To this date I have not bought a single download but grabbed all the free ones(which usually suck anyway)

  3. This would be perfect for smash bros no? Release the game with a small amount of characters and stages and release more as dlc later. I guess this would be problematic for those without an Internet connection tho.

    1. I’d say more along the lines of releasing the standard characters that are Smash Bros. Staples in the original game, then have free downloads of more obscure stuff like the President of Hocotate Freight, a Goron, a Mr. Saturn, arenas based on upcoming games to get people excited, stuff like that. Your Smash Bros. game could get better every time a new game comes out.

    2. Sure if you want to pay full price for 50% of the content then pay later for the rest of it.

      Fucking kids don’t know what they’re talking about.

    3. Why would you pay for a half finished game. Having it in DLC is no excuse because why would i pay for something that should’ve been in the game in the first place. idiot

    1. are you facking nuts? its a good thing,i bet your thinking about nintendo makeing us buy dlc for every game they make,im thinking more of free dlc or additions,smash bros brawl had dlc kind of,when you went online and you can try a customizable stage see a phote or replay,and also dlc is really needed for the wii u,because evennif you hate it call of duty will make the wii u a big sucess along with many other games thst use dlc





  5. I like the direction Nintendo is going with this. Keep it up, Big N, you seem to be going in the right direction with their online service.

  6. I was afraid this would happen, but glad that it’ll only be for 3rd party software. This was one of the reasons why I said in another post before that if Wii U only has flash memory and no size of a hard drive that all games should come with SD cards, to store DLC or patches on.
    I’ll admit I bought DLC once and that was for Prince of Persia’s extra level on PS3. Though wasn’t worth it.
    Think there was a game out last week on the PS3 that had Day 1 DLC that had to be paid for. If the content is available Day 1, then it should be free.

        1. besides the multiplats, the ps3 has more and better first party support.. all microsoft has is halo :l and its just a futuristic CoD, fable is ok, gears is a darker lost planet, and crackdown is a mediocre tamed down gears… with oit as much gore…

          ps: just because you cant afford a system, it doesnt mean it sucks.

  7. As much as Nintendo likes to experiment, I do think they could come up with some cool ideas with DLC but I’d be just as happy even if they didn’t utilize it.

    The only Downloadable Content I’ve really messed with is FF IV: The After Years, (If that indeed falls under the category of DLC) and it was fun. So, I guess we’ll see what happens.

  8. I think it’s great, but don’t let Capcom know about it; let’s keep it between us, ok?

    In all seriousness, I don’t mind paid content as long as it’s good. For example, when they release the next Smash Bros, then can add licensed characters and stuff for a reasonable price. That would be awesome. The purpose of DLC, or paid content in this case, was supposed to extend the life of a game, but companies on consoles have overused that feature. Plus, Nintendo seems to be doing this so that 3rd party companies can do their stuff, just like with the ps3 and 360. Otherwise, they wouldn’t support the system.

  9. Seriously, not bashing but this headline should’ve come out 2-3 years ago. Just saying. This has kept alot of 3rd party devs on the sidelines for the Wii.

    1. Nintendo was only late because they didn’t agree with the system due to how companies would abuse it (like CAPCOM). It seems however, that the companies aren’t willing to tango with Nintendo until they do allow this system.

      It’s the about the same reason why they’re “late” with almost everything: They didn’t agree with what it meant for the gaming industry. …the pros for them were great, but the cons were terrifying.

      They eventually, as always, just shrugged their shoulders, sighed, and thought “Well let’s just work with it and see what we can do about all the crap.”

  10. DLC is a great thing. It’s companies (and sometimes players) that can ruin it. Releasing a ton of DLC shortly after a game is released is wrong, but last April when Rockstar announced that all pre-order content would be soon available for Red Dead Redemption at only a $1 each, I read a lot of comments cursing them out, because they had already moved on and sold the game. Such comments encourage developers to release all planned DLC within a short time period and not create anymore. Locked content on disc is easily the biggest smack-in-the-face we consumers can get from publishers, but I doubt even Capcom will do it for a 3DS game.

    I agree some DLC packs can be overpriced for their content, but there’s usually not too long of a wait for a sale to come along. I bought both DLC mission packs for Assassin’s Creed 2 and special pre-order content for $5 maybe six months after initial release. And most importantly, no one says we have to buy DLC. If publishers are willing to make games for the 3DS and Wii U on the back of a promise that they can release DLC if they wish, GREAT. At least the systems will get bigger and better third-party support.

  11. I really like this DLC coming to our Nintendo games. For Smash Bros., this could mean more characters and stages. For Metroid and Star Fox, this could mean more missions or maps. For Pokemon, this could mean new modes. I’d like to see what they’d do with this.

    1. Isn’t it mostly being used by 3rd parties according to this article, though?
      …if certain 3rd parties had it their way (if they had control over SSB), they’d allow the basic roster be available and have all the other special characters only be unlocked if you pay for it with DLC.

      … so, it’s not exactly the best news.

          1. No, no, you guys misunderstand me. It’s not a big deal and I’m not complaining. Just thought I’d point it out so he can fix the mistakes if he wants to. That’s all.

    1. I’m 99.999% sure that it is just a direct quote that he included the source for. Also, the spelling and grammar errors are due to translation by the source!

    1. DLC is extra content that doesn’ t affect the regular game in any significant way. You still get your $60 worth of the game; DLC is just extra, even when it’s on-disc. Is MassEffect 2 incomplete because Lair of the Shadow Broker wasn’t in it? Of course not. Even when companies charge $3 for useless new weapons, it is still optional. My only qhalm with DLC is when companies oveecharge for 3-5 new maps.

      1. That’s not always the case though: Think of several CAPCOM games that had you “obtain new content” when the content was already on the disc.
        Or how about a on-Nintendo-console example? Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a King. Several of the DLC had already been PREPARED before the game released on WiiWare! As in: They could’ve put it in the game for free at any time they wished during its development, they weren’t still creating it after the game was complete: It had already been completed, and they were saving it so they could make money off of it!

        I do like me some DLC (like you said, like Mass Effect 2’s DLC), but some companies just love to screw us over.

  12. I have no problem with paid DLC. As long as it’s worth the money being spent, it’s cool with me.

    Diggin’ the girl in the pic too.
    (that one dude in the background looks scared or something)

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  14. I’m glad it will encourage 3rd party support, but in now way will I EVER buy half a game just to spend another $50 just to buy the rest of the stages.

  15. Imagine Legend of Zelda DLC. I hope it would include new dungeons with new bosses, new items designed for that dungeon, and more equipment options. I think that would be awesome.

    1. Honestly a lot of fans would have problems with that. Having exclusive dungeons and items that are only available to people with internet and money is completely sticking it to customers. Only aesthetics should be paid content. Nothing that has anything to do with gameplay.

  16. DLC is a cash-grab. Boo. Good for Nintendo saying they won’t do it themselves.

    Paying additional money for games you already bought. Yikes. It’s just as bad as paying to play online…even though you own a system + tv + the game + pay for an Internet connection + pay electricity already.

  17. I have a problem with paid downloadable content if it is anything besides aesthetics.

    I think that all maps, weapons or any non aesthetic gimmicks should be free to all players. If you want extra colors or costumes for Smash Bros for example you can pay for it, but I think it would be wrong to charge for characters and maps.

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